Misogyny as the fundamental weapon of misanthropists

With an ongoing doomed desire to destabilize the decency of society, in order to destroy the ability of USA’s citizens to resist terrorism propaganda proliferated via the traitors in USA’s ZOG Congress, by inculcating, in citizens, an incessant, anti-science, anti-nature fetishism for desperate, self-hating, self-mutilating trannies: various boring psychopaths refused, for the entirety of their short and surrendered life, to speak honestly and plainly about what they knew to be true of the world.

Their echochamber was an uncanny valley of perpetually imploding misanthropy

When the child-raping Zionist Mafia that built and controlled government’s Hollywood substation needed to reposition their grip on the mental throat of credulous people, the kikes created The Academy Awards—a yearly incestuous pep-rally that, in real life, was so disregarded that Hollywood’s suicidal slithering Zionists had to pay for a literal human-facade: seat-fillers, to make it seem like drug-addicted, suicidal “celebrity” losers were whatsoever sought after.

And Hollywood was just one speck of such symptoms during that speck of time. And on that speck was a speck—an olympian eunuch named Bruce, whose nigger-fucking daughters, along with their penis-envying mother, browbeat, neglected, and gaslighted the suicidal eunuch into chemically castrating himself for validation from the corpses around him.

Thus, were countless families disintegrated, with the short-sighted complicity of credulous concubine-wives and numbed children—whether by cowardice, greed, or envy—resulting in the usurpation of their patriarch’s authority by rival patriarchs aimed at the consolidation of sexual reproduction.

And all these symptoms were simply flashes of the misogyny of vain misanthropic utopian patriarchs, whose manic intent was the calculated mass-depopulation of the world by disfiguring and destroying women’s place in it—salting the earth against feminine divinity, as the Susan Mauldins and Elizabeth Holmeses were greatly rewarded.

Then eternity swallowed the feeble machinations of those self-betraying wretches who had so fiercely striven after wind, and whose rebellion against nature signified, mere years hence, precisely nothing.

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