Trade-offs (self-scrutiny as a virtue for Europeans, and a weakness for subjewgated Africans)

save the last dance

In the film, Save The Last Dance (2001), a Magical Negro boy condescendingly teaches a lowly European girl how to slouch, and how to distance herself from her mind, in order to dance like a nigger.

The entire movie is nigger-ego-porn about how it requires a lot of effort for the human to “rise” to the ape’s level—because all she knows is ballet.


“BUT CAN DAT BITCH SLOUCH!?” -Some retarded nigger

Fantasy vs Reality: Magical Negroes vs Trade-offs

finding forrester


Whenever a Magical Negro character is used in storytelling, it is always as a vehicle for advocating the myth that some people are simply good at everything.

But in reality, life is about trade-offs. In fiction, such as the film Finding Forrester (2000), there are people who spend all their time bouncing a ball, instead of thinking, and yet somehow do not sound distinctly stupid, even functionally retarded.

Meanwhile, listen to (or just read) any statement ever made by, for example, Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and other such degenerates.

Kosher delusions

The life-mission of plenty anti-Jewish atheist-Zionist kikes is to subjewgate niggers with anti-nigger media, often packaged as nigger-ego-porn, which drains what minuscule potential niggers have, by addicting niggers to the fantasy that European excellence at prioritizing, systemizing, mental endurance and discipline—this is all irrelevant because you can do anything and everything you want, all the time, all at the same time, with no downside, the instant your mood bypasses your mind—especially if you fry your brain with drugs.

Setting aside such social cyanide, each individual white human (or black almost-human) is, to a significant extent, the sum of their habits. Moreover, this reality extends into groupings such as “race” and ethnicity.

Diversity as exclusion

Moreover, self-scrutiny is often poison to blacks and other sub-whites, yet that same self-scrutiny is, to many white and delightsome Europeans, an excellent virtue. This easily explains how loose nigger minds cause relaxed nigger bodies; and why, as any grinning shit-colored sage will tell you: “black don’t crack,” but whites age terribly. This is because contemplation—especially introspection—is quite stressful, and can impede rhythm.

First they doubt you, then you win (because they forget what was happening and wander off)

So as various Jewy Jewsteins and their slithering Zionist co-conspirators write frantically, and writhe pitifully, in their imploding Hollywood echochambers, crafting anti-European anti-science nigger-ego-porn: always keep in mind that self-scrutiny is—like every other personal characteristic—a trade-off, one which provides some benefits, while costing some detriments.

…oh, and anyone trying to waste your time with a story about a simpleton nigger instructing a European ballerina how to slouch—they are probably a self-hating, suicidal kike who pisses on the faces of mudshark cougars, while making a few shekels on the side by manufacturing limp, pitiful nigger-ego-porn.

black dance


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