The betrayal of Barack Hussein Obama by Big White Brother

If mulattoes dream, which is doubtful, then Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., is the most betrayed mongrel in the history of the world.

Words must mean something because ideas must mean something. Else we simply are apes, measuring only one another’s tone—one moment to the next. Moreover, words must, when communicated, mean what we have generally agreed that they mean. But instead, every one of Obama’s dreams were betrayed by a falsification of every important word he has ever heard in life—lied to about love, family, hard work, prestige, racism, society, excellence, and honor.

Thus, Barack Obama is, without a doubt, among the most disillusioned people in world history, as he has uncovered one facade after another, every day of his life.

And then he decided that complicity is Bliss.


obama's parents

Obama’s browbeaten mom, and the Kenyan gremlin who impregnated, beat, and abandoned her

Obama was told that love is the basis of a relationship, only to learn later that he was born from inter-species sodomy between (1) a mom whom society had browbeaten into enough white-guilt that she felt empowered to be crawled all over by a downright silly little nigger—Barack Obama, Sr.; and (2) a silly little woman-beating nigger named Barack Obama, whose sole eventual claim-to-fame would be that he snuck a few pity-fucks from a browbeaten white woman with no self-respect, whose parents were well-off enough to raise the mongrel result in Hawaii with enough privilege that the mongrel became successively more marketable—until it became the most successfully marketed mediocre mongrel mascot in the history of the world.



Obama was told that family matters and is a source of strength and happiness, only to learn later that the shit-colored parasite who ejaculated him into his pale maternal host was as uninterested in raising Obama, Jr., as junior himself is uninterested in admitting how embarrassed he is to have such a pitiful little nigger for a dad.

Hard work

Obama was told that hard work pays off, only to learn later that his success would depend on always playing up the fact that his vogue ugliness, jarring mediocrity, and addiction to attention and a pretense of charisma—it all owed fundamentally to the fact that his shameful mom had been “open-minded” enough to pity-fuck a violent, shit-colored gremlin from Kenya, and that the shit-colored gremlin then abandoned him to be raised by a family of delusional leftist cuck grandparents, whom the mongrel would later betray and denounce as “racists,” as a political tool to validate his niggerness, during his 2008 candidacy for U.S. president.


Obama was told that Harvard is among the world’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning, only to learn later that Harvard was, at least for him, but a bastion of cowards and frauds addicted to the condescending, racist vanity of another White Man’s Burden (this time, of rehabilitating trodden-down non-whites who, legend had it, had limitless potential that only went unrealized—because racism);

and everywhere Obama went, once pitied into Harvard, he saw not strong, perceptive people with integrity and vision, but rather only a myriad mirrors of his mom: limp, smirking, book-smart white losers—as addicted to seeming “accepting” of a mediocre half-nigger mascot as that mediocre half-nigger mascot was addicted to seeming benevolent for forgiving (gradually and grudgingly) the white people around him for what other white people had supposedly done to other niggers—while thousands of niggers owned slaves, and hundreds of years before a silly little nigger named Barack Obama, Sr., had impregnated, beat, and abandoned the failure-of-a-white-woman who shit out the doomed half-white turd, Barack Obama, Jr.


Obama was told that “racism is everywhere,” only to learn later that white people (and everyone else) are almost never “racist” to any but the most apish niggers.


Obama was told that votes decide elections, and that the elected then decide society’s policies, direction, and tone, only to learn later that a handful of hyperactive, hyper-educated, hyper-paranoid, hyper-hypocritical Zionist psychopaths decide much of society’s policies, direction, and tone (on behalf of the real elite for whom those pitiful, self-loathing, self-aggrandizing suicidal pseudo-Jews are only ever middlemen), and that Obama would do as he was told—escalate “Bush’s wars,” not stop USA’s torture-chambers but rather expand them, whore for “Israel” and Saudi Arabia, etc.—or else be disappeared or JFK’d by the huge Mafia network of Zionist warlords who control most of USA’s day-to-day. (And Obama learned this in Congress, years before he was chosen by the elites’ Zionist mafia middlemen to be USA’s supreme figurehead.)


Obama was told that the Nobel Peace Prize was worth more than a bucket of shit, only to learn later that, while a bucket of shit could fertilize a garden: the Noble Peace Prize can only fertilize delusion and hypocrisy.


Obama was told that United States citizens are strong, intelligent, and honorable, only to learn later, as a twice-elected war-mongering psychopathic hypocrite, that, with nearly no exceptions, the former constitutional republic is a dwindling socialist shithole, populated by only three kinds of people: (1) fools, too mentally weak to perceive what is right; (2) cowards, too spiritually weak to do what is right; (3) co-conspirators, too greedy and vain to keep track of what is right.

Dust in the wind

Thus, was Obama betrayed. And so what was left of his soul shriveled. The last of his hope faded into nothingness. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won victory over the illusions. Defeated, he loved Big White Brother.

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