Big Abortion’s anti-coathanger myths harm pro-death pregnant people

In order to maximize their profits, the anti-choice men who run Big Abortion constantly shame and lie about safe, gentle, cheap coathanger abortions

When a postpartum fetus with a front-hole chooses to remove its undue tumor; many hate-filled, anti-health, evil people may stand in the way.

Moreover, the most insidious social-terrorism inflicted on a pregnant them originates from the heterosexual misogynistic patriarchs of Big Abortion.

For generations, a pregnant person could quickly, safely, and cheaply murder the clump of cells inside themselves by simply, gently, and naturally jamming something sharp up their front-hole until the problem fell out.

But unfortunately, Big Abortion saw the paradise of womyn and transwomyn doing for themselves, and so the men who run Big Abortion started tempting pregnant men, women, and neithers with the convenience of having someone else scrape out the zygote.

Abortion clinics were initially rejected, because pregnant people loved killing their non-children in the peace and tranquility of their own home; so the patriarchy outlawed home-abortions, and required that all empowering deaths were to occur at an expensive, for-profit abortion clinic.

As part of the propaganda campaign against self-care, the patriarchy disseminated false data to create fear towards pro-murder pregnant people’s traditional anti-life weapon-of-choice: the coathanger.

For generations before the propaganda, everyone knew that the safest, naturalest thing to do was to stab a coathanger into your front-hole until you heard the soothing sound of tearing flesh, indicating a non-child’s non-skull being safely and peacefully punctured—then a quick and easy yank, and the social-tumor was removed, and you could get back to happily working a job you hate, to afford shit you don’t need, to impress people you don’t like and who don’t like you.

But after the patriarchy began its anti-love hate-campaigns against home-performed abortions, lies were spread about the supposed “dangers of coathangers” (the so-called “never again” abortion campaigns) even as pregnant women, men, and blorgunes are far more likely to die from the chemicals of Big Abortion than from a coathanger properly sanctified with prayers to the divine goddess of baby-slaughter.

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