RE zuppet Shapiro’s “Facts don’t care about your feelings”

Popular pocket-sized zuppet (Zionist puppet) Ben Shapiro famously mocks his political opponents with the sneering decree, “Facts don’t care about your feelings“—a glib jab meant to approximate, “My political perspective is objective, but yours is only subjective.”

Meanwhile, attention to only the most obvious details of politics reveals that plenty political “facts” are nothing but the feelings of a certain person or group.

“Plenty political ‘facts’ are nothing but the feelings of a certain person or group.” -Obvious Reality

Thus, setting aside his sanctimonious sheen of candor, slithering Shapiro’s pithy apathy would be more accurately phrased as follows: “You are politically powerless, thus politically irrelevant. You have no recourses with which to defend yourself, thus your perspective can be completely trampled, safely and happily, by those of us with the power to enforce, else to have enforced, our political perspective (i.e. our feelings).”

Facts don’t care about feelings? Well, consider Zionists’ successful terrorism and tyranny of infesting various nations with thought-crime legislation that prioritizes Zionists’ false feelings at the expense of others’ ability to whisper facts (or even just doubts) about Zionist myths of Hitler, and World War 2 generally.

Packaged as “facts don’t care about your feelings,” Shapiro’s blithe, banal blather stands simply as a remider that there are those who, “professing themselves to be wise, become fools” (Romans 1:22).

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