Pete Davidson and Dan Crenshaw further obscure and disappear the 9/11 false-flag (aka Liberty 2.0)

At the end of 2018, suicidal man-child semi-Jew Pete Davidson was backstage in Jew York, preparing to continue wasting his life as part of the “comedy” propaganda of Saturday Night Live (SNL).

Davidson rubbed his good luck charm: the Hillary Clinton tattoo which the pitiful eunuch had placed on his leg in honor of Clinton, a child-rapist advocate, and conspirator of international terrorism as a member of the United States Congress which, in the early 2000’s, funded the ongoing bipartisan mass-murder in the Middle East, especially through the bipartisan terror campaign cynically, psychopathically named “Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

Shortly after her time as a terrorist in the United States Congress, Clinton was anointed as the Secretary of State for her former congressional co-conspirator Barack Hussein Obama, whereupon, for the next decade, the two continued their treason against the United States citizenry by escalating U.S. terrorism around the world on the pretext of “defending” against various false-flags, misinformation, and other plausible-deniability fed to the handlers of U.S. mercenaries through the propaganda campaigns of the anti-Jewish atheist-terrorist Zionists who currently occupy Palestine.

During that decade, the suicidal pseudo-Jews who orchestrate USA’s controlled media placed a moratorium on criticizing the United States government, especially the office of the presidency, in order to bolster the constant U.S. terrorism figureheaded by half-nigger-half-devil mascot Barack.

Among the karma manifest through the terrorism of Hussein and Clinton was the deposing and death of racist Muslim homosexual sand-nigger loser Muammar Mohammed Gaddafi, who, shortly before being rendered helpless by the terrorists funded and led by Hussein’s CIA, had praised Hussein as a source of magnificent change on account of Hussein being “black” and having “Muslim and African roots,” and thus being a positive check against the “white racism” which Gaddafi pitifully pretended to be chief among the world’s problems.

Soon thereafter, as the bloody, tortured Gaddafi staggered to his death among a CIA-enabled mob in the streets of Sirte, Libya—reportedly with a knife stuck up his ass by one of his fellow noble sand-niggers who were chimping out all over him because CIA assets in Libya whimmed it: Gaddafi knew that his feminine racism had blinded him into an ineffective perspective—and that it was now too late for him to heal back into manly honesty, and that he would die as he lived: an unattractive, fruity, gaudy sand-nigger child-rapist racist liar.

And so suicidal man-child semi-Jew Pete Davidson took the stage in Jew York, as part of SNL’s propaganda campaign on behalf of the anti-Jewish atheist-terrorist Zionists who currently occupy Palestine, and orchestrate the controlled media in the United States. Then Davidson told jokes about how Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw had an eyepatch.

This irreverence “stirred controversy” among the various neutered eunuchs who juggle, shuffle, and sift the controlled-oppositions to the ZOG USA terrorist superstate.

And so Congressman Crenshaw—a retired Lieutenant Commander who spent a decade murdering, and helping to murder, countless innocents in Afghanistan—flew to Jew York; appeared on SNL; told jokes about Davidson’s appearance; joked about people afflicted with drug-addiction; referenced a whore; and then presented a sanctimonious monologue about the importance of mutual forgiveness among the insane cowards and frauds of both factions in USA’s ZOG uniparty.

Meanwhile, gazing up from hell, Davidson’s father Scott gave a knowing nod—satisfied that his impotent, feminine, drug-addicted, suicidal son had done admirably by co-opting and deforming the 9/11 Truth motto “never forget”—and helping to provide yet another distraction from the 9/11 false-flag which, in the anti-Jewish atheist-terrorist Zionist State of occupied Palestine, is known as “Liberty 2.0.”

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