Meat and personal circuses as status symbols for the misery-worthy

In the twisted, frail minds of certain fools, some imaginary line separates “crazy hoarders” from those adroit amassers with a healthy addiction to hyper-consumption as both a social status symbol as well as a defense-mechanism against the looming recognition that they are groomed and glutted cowards dying in a gilded human-hamster-wheel.

Meating of the minds

As USA’s planned-economy shifted—from being centered on hot war, to being centered on cold war—meat became a status symbol, whereby well-off fools strutted their superior ration of social crumbs by escalating their indulgence of stuffing meat into their throats, to simulate a superior consumption of nutrition (while simply over-taxing their digestive systems with heavy, counterproductive nutritional-IOUs).

Santa’s little yellow elves at the East Pole

Moreover, for centuries in the “freest nation on earth,” only a toy or two was enough to supplement a happy childhood—until USA’s slavery-beneficiaries began frantically leveraging Chinese misery to bury themselves in mountains of cheap niceties (the poison of which was a tolerable trade-off, until such costs were whatsoever distributed—for example in the form of led-poisoned Chinese toys).


Thus, poisoned meat and slave-made personal circuses festered among other self-destructive status symbols, in a nation where self-slaved degenerates fought fiercely for the right to murder their children, and stupefy themselves with narcotics. Or so went the wishful propaganda promoted by the rotting, dying, vain “elite” among a fleeting death-cult that was quickly washed away and forgotten.

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