Why women preferred “bad boys” in the year 2525

In the latter days, just before the world caved in and civilization reset, the brightest minds discovered a way to teach the most dedicated and obedient citizens how to operate a keyboard with only their minds, through a series of blinks and winces.

Thus evolutionary scientists realized that society had progressed, revealing a common sense of consensus, which held that arms were at least vestigial if not unhealthy.

And so the arms of all male children were circumcised at birth.

However, those males born into the lowest castes—who were neither dedicated enough nor obedient enough to be trusted with a mind-typing device—they were still relegated to earning their social value through the out-moded method of manual labor; which, by then, mostly consisted of manufacturing and troubleshooting the myriad machines upon which the armless bourgeoisie depended for handling every aspect of their empowered lives.

Non-male privilege

Shemales, maleshes, and all other form of non-male reinforced this natural progression towards an armless society, by echoing one another’s chatter that circumcised shoulders were “just, like, nicer to look at. Arms? Ew!”

Yet it was an open societal secret that all women had a nasty secret: they actually preferred men with arms.

Nevertheless, women kept quiet about their preferences—just as women privileged with survival had done throughout the millennia—while the elite, armless men winced about their daily work to earn the reward of woman to flop around on, as her mind swirled with thoughts of being embraced in the freakishly uncircumcised arms of the unrewarded.

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