The world after the United States collapsed


Some racist war-mongering fraud

“There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death.”
Proverbs 14:12 (NIV)

The final President of the United States politically flailed about—impotently issuing an Emancipation Proclamation[1] to free the slaves in territories over which he had no authority (while preserving slavery in those States over which he did have authority).

Moreover, Abraham Lincoln, the final United States president, later confided to his homosexual black lover Horace Greeley that he would preserve the Union at any cost—even if it required destroying the Union.[2]

Thence, the final United States president “suspended Habeas Corpus,”[3] which is to say he suspended Due Process, i.e. that he ended the Constitution of the United States.

Yet obviously none of Lincoln’s listless nonsense shifted, even a bit, some moral foundation of the land—since no moral foundation ever existed.

Rather, the “United States of America” became a centrally planned superstate:
built on slavery;
polished with war;
and preserved only by the delusional collusion and hypocrisy of those who benefitted by the superstate’s evil–and the cowardly complicity of those unwilling to oppose meaningfully the superstate’s evil.


The tyrants’ burden

Thereon, in the pretended “United States,” as various winners winked transitory pacts at each other, their History[4] served its purpose–as hallowed social scripture, the violation of which brought the harshest consequences that the society inflicted: utter disappearance of the offender.

Yet the frantic arbiters of such scripture, as the stone rolled back on them,[5] could not at all differentiate (thus could hardly manage and coordinate) those slaves who were disenfranchised for the high-treason of truth-telling, as opposed to those slaves who had been disenfranchised simply as a practical matter of course.

History as a tool for addicting and repurposing nigger slaves


US history, according to niggers stupid enough to believe Zionists

Yet the tyrants’ concocted History routinely helped tyranny, as when it cooed coloreds into clinging ever tighter onto the delusion of their pretended moral-superiority for having been (easily) conquered.

guess that nigger

Guess that tacky nigger: is it (a) New York City Rapper Yung Nignog da God, or is it (b) Osei Tutu, the king of Ghana?

Moreover, the History energized modern nigger slaves with manic myths of great battles by their ancestors against the white devils who swept through Africa shackling free and powerful black people, and removing them from their high-functioning utopia.

These myths at least dulled the sting for the pretended African kings, who became gradually more addicted to faking—with ever greater effort—a faith in anything that distracted them from the universally known fact that their weak and servile ancestors were never “captured by Europeans,” but rather Africans were peacefully traded and transferred—by Africans and Arabs (and Jews[6])—to Europeans (almost always without incident[7]); and that Europeans never made even a single African slave: rather, Europeans relied on the slave-manufacturing of Africans and Arabs—streamlined by the adroit slithering of weak & venal Jews.

As the dust settles

american flag barcode 666 911_250wThe “United States” is now only an economically bifurcated, morally mummified, slave-driven hub serving globalized oligarchs to facilitate international cooperation among their respective plantations.

Among the obvious evidence for the character of the modern world is how the war-mongerers of Halliburton coordinated with the 9/11 false flag[8] to texture U.S. terrorism in the Arab world;[9] then chewed imaginary billions from the bones of the United States carcass as it rotted in the Sun; and then the “traitors”[10] vanished into the desert.[11]

And to be sure: this coordinating, chewing, and vanishing represented, as with Lincoln, no departure from a moral foundation—only a shift in priorities among bands of hypocritical maniacs.




[1] Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.
[2] See Abraham Lincoln, Letter to Horace Greeley (1862).
[3] Lincoln’s Habeas Corpus Suspension Act of 1863.
[4] “History is told by the winners.”
[5] “Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him” (Proverbs 26:27, KJV).
[6] Nation of Islam, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews (The Final Call, 1991). See also the ashes of a digital book-burning.
[7] Nat Turner’s slave rebellion in 1831.
[8] Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.
[9] See Project for a new American century (1997); see also Smedly Butler, War is a racket (1935).
[10] For someone to be a “traitor” — they must betray a worthwhile cause. Now imagine trying reasonably to articulate a worthwhile cause which Halliburton betrayed when it leveraged a war-mongering slave-state (USA) into terrorism (Operation Iraqi Freedom, et al.) on behalf of another war-mongering slave-state (Israel).
[11] Mohammed Abbas and Anna Driver, Halliburton to move headquarters, CEO to Dubai (Reuters, 2007).

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