The only two fools with faith in the myth of White Supremacy

God created humans’ genetic code not as a system of linear progressions, but rather as a system of cyclical trade-offs: no “race” is manifestly “better” than another. Rather, races (i.e. the respective individuals therein) vary as to genetic privileges and impediments.

White fools: creating “merit” in their own image

Moreover, the first of only two kinds of people corrupt and foolish enough to pledge their faith to the myth of White Supremacy are vain, wicked white people, whose worldview amounts to looking into a genetic-mirror, then listing off, as “merits,” their own hyper-specialized habits which manifest in them via their genetic privileges (while trivializing, else pathologizing, those habits manifest via the genetic privileges of others).

Thus for example, whites describe, as an unqualified “merit,” their own super-charged ability to delay gratification; even as this genetic privilege “may also become extremely bad and mischievous if there is not goodness in the will which uses it.”[1]

Hence, withering fools born white, “prudent in their own sight,”[2] award each other for sitting still, speaking quietly, and calmly crafting consensus—even during those times when that stillness, quietness, and calmness crafts such murderous sanctimony as Roe v. Wade, “Project for a New American Century,” et al.

Non-white fools: cozying up to the white-hot infernos of doomed white delusions

Apart from those slithering, self-serving whites; the only other kind of people corrupt and foolish enough to believe the pitiful myth of White Supremacy are those spiritually idle non-white rats and snakes who, whether through greed or cowardice, take white devils as false idols, and thence play along with devilish whites’ sociopolitical delusions in order to enrich themselves at the expense of political prisoners (white and non-white alike) who are, by their righteous dissent, relegated to the white-washed torture-chambers and graveyards of that vapid, anti-reality, godless treason which masquerades itself as “white supremacy.”


[1] Kant, Fundamental principles of the metaphysics of morals, 2.

[2] Isaiah 5:21 (KJV)

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