Minnesota Republicans’ contributions to the evils of child-murder and Zionism

Roe v. Wade was murderous unconstitutional bipartisan anti-Federalism masked as murderous myopic bipartisan deregulation.

Prior to 1973, statues against the murder of unborn children existed in every one of the federated, united States. Then myopic Minnesotan Republican Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren E. Burger joined with Minnesotan Republican Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun in pretending a constitutional justification for criminalizing the anti-murder laws of those 50 States.

Meanwhile, heroic NFL-veteran Coloradoan Democrat Supreme Court Justice Byron White wrote the dissent to the death-warrant concocted by the anti-Federalism Republicans of Roe v. Wade, pointing out that the U.S. Constitution does not require the nationwide criminalization of laws against child-murder.

Now, as countless cowards and frauds pretend to build upon child-murder deregulation as “established law”—many political distractions manifest; such as the circus surrounding Minnesotan Congress Member Ilhan Omar, who dared—hatefully and antisemitically—to describe reality: saying that, by and large, the U.S. Congress is a collection of traitors, knaves, and political prostitutes who venally ape for psychopaths of the anti-Jewish atheist-terrorist State of occupied Palestine.

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