Earning self-destruction: The betrayal of our heroic police, and our heroic military

Corrupt cops deserve the death-penalty, for betraying public trust in a way that so fundamentally destroys society.

Nevertheless, on an average day, in every major U.S. city, police officers are exposed to murder, mayhem, and every other misery imaginable—and routinely they handle it professionally, if not heroically.

Meanwhile, the war-fed traitors in Zionist-led media daily defame the heroism of police generally, by amplifying the rare exceptions when rogue police diverge from the police-norm of behaving professionally, if not heroically.

And many cowardly, deceitful citizens betray the police—echoing the anti-cop lies of those anti-truth media.

Meanwhile, the great majority of police—the heroes—can hardly respond to the Zio-media’s incessant defamation: the cops are too busy being cops—saving the day elsewhere, over and over.

The betrayal of Chelsea Manning

Similar to the betrayal of heroic police, plenty played along (and continue to play along) with the torturing of a hero named Bradley Manning, who exposed why U.S. military must heroically defend against “crazy anti-American terrorists”: the United States routinely inflicts terrorism throughout the world.

The betrayal of Colin Powell

Colin Powell (among so many others of the war-mongering bipartisan uniparty) set the groundwork for betraying the troops by lying them into war.

Self-destructive vanity as damage control

A key way the traitorous terrorists who betray our cops and military are able to maintain there power is by fooling weak, self-destructive people into believing that appreciation for heroes like Bradley Manning (and the average cop) is something to be given only when you feel like doing a favor for the hero. This conditions fools against self-preservation, by conditioning them against respecting and sustaining their own protection.

Thus, those traitors (and, just as much, whover tolerates them) are the ones to blame, as society implodes under the weight of such citizens’ foolish, cowardly, hypocritical self-destruction.

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