Two delusional Trump supporters pretending to agree (Roseanne Barr on the Fallen State with Jesse Lee Peterson)

Key points stated by Roseanne, during her interview with Jesse Lee Peterson (JLP) for Peterson’s Fall State show:

(1) Jews run the Hollywood cesspool.
(2) Those Hollywood Jews don’t want to be around black people.
(3) She considers herself Jewish, not white.
(4) Most Jews (who are considered white) consider themselves Jews, not white.
(5) She voted for Trump because of his promises about the anti-Jewish atheist-terrorist Zionist deathcult that currently occupies Palestine, and not because of anything Trump promised about the USA.
(6) She is happy about Trump’s presidency–because he fulfilled his promises regarding the anti-Jewish atheist-terrorist Zionist deathcult that currently occupies Palestine.
(7) Whereas JLP refers to Trump as the “Great White Hope,” Barr considers Trump the “Great Jewish Hope.”
(8) Her neurosis and vanity derives from her overbearing Jewish mother lying to her.
(9) She grew up around “holocaust survivors” who had “numbers on their arms” (yet still pretends to believe that National Socialists in Germany went through all the trouble of categorizing and sorting millions of Jews–just to throw them in ovens anyway).

Throughout the interview, even for those without a frame-of-reference for Roseanne Barr, it becomes obvious that Barr is a frantically self-centered, myopically Zionistic, morally inconsistent attention-addict.

Moreover, and most relevant to the interview, Barr’s perspective on gender-roles perfectly embodies much of what JLP continuously criticizes: Roseanne Barr is a vain, hypocritical woman who quite obviously believes that a man’s overall only role is to enabler her, as she invades her children’s lives and relationships, with her fearful, needy addictions to attention and control; as she frantically competes against real and perceived threats to her familial hegemony–especially against the threat of new overbearing mommy-figure women to whom her sons predictably cling: codependent women who take over where Barr’s destructive parenting left off: mentally and emotionally castrating her eunuch sons.

Unsurprisingly, Jesse Less Peterson femininely forgoes confronting Roseanne Barr with the manly “boldness” which Peterson so often shows against those with whom he shares no political common-ground. Instead, Peterson glosses over Barr’s self-centered mania; her fearful, needy hindrance of her family; and her weak-minded feminist worldview–so that Peterson can spend his time spiritually drowning in girly gossip with another slithering, delusional, myopic, hypocritical Trump supporter.

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