Small weak penis-envy addicts deputized for the opioid crisis their fraudulence helped to create


Click the pick to hear about the she-heroes

Studies indicate that when you displace men, by giving men’s jobs (DEA or otherwise) to small weak incompetent women: you create a downward-spiraling culture.

Studies further indicate that trying to fix such a culture by focusing on the minor symptom of “opioid addictions” will improve nothing, when paired with incessantly heroifying the major symptom: countless small weak hypocritical fraud female penis-envy addicts bumbling around as if they are authority figures.

In other words: providing someone (i.e. women) representation (i.e. benefits) without taxation (i.e. expectations) mathematically requires taxing someone else without providing them representation–i.e. making superior male workers pick up the slack for their mediocre female coworkers (which plenty weaker men are glad to do, because they are sex-deprived degenerates who don’t care how they gain access to women, as long as they do);

while also, again, displacing countless better men in the process, rendering the culture a Socialist shithole, where government picks winners, and countless men are displaced–which coincidentally deprives countless lower-quality women the opportunity of a decent husband–because the man who could have built himself up to “earn” her instead has to compete (unsuccessfully) against her, as she paints herself into a cultural corner of ending up with nothing to show for her life besides the laughable pride in knowing that some men “empowered” her with preferential treatment over some other men, as a way to keep her occupied, to prevent her from having any children.

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