Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat, a petty patriarch for the ages, dead none too soon

Plenty degenerate limp-dick pseudo-patriarchs feature in the cultural sewage-system that is viral videos, which provide stupidly malicious weaklings with an opportunity to snort-laugh at some immorality and injustice that soothes their ego and encourages their cowardice.

Most potent is when those limp-dick patriarchs establish their own preferred social atmosphere, far below the traditional norm, while holding their opponent to the traditional norm–then punishing their opponent for not following tradition (which, again, they themselves are not following).

Dr. Phil: creator and condemner

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw is among the most popular, and most pure, of these degenerate limp-dick pseudo-patriarchs. Since 2002, McGraw has hosted a show under nigger-pug Oprah, where he sides with some deadbeat wife against her beatdead husband, staring blankly at the man with his beady eyes and faked seriousness and sincerity, while muttering simple-minded, gaslighting nonsense at him, to the chattery delight of his audience full of loser women and eunuch men–in the studio and watching at home.

Throughout nearly two decades, McGraw perfected his craft as a cowardly eunuch masquerading as a patriarch, who had encouraged and enabled countless a bad wife and horrible mother off her own individual emotional and social cliff–as he rides off into the sunset with his paper-thin pride, and paper-formed shekels.

Now, the parasite McGraw preys on the progeny which he helped to ruin with his daily womansplaining-porn. Several “viral videos” show McGraw gaslighting children of the pseudo-matriarchy which he and Oprah helped to create, as cultural Marxism to soothe the insecurities and egos of the atheist pseudo-Jew Zionists who dominate US media.

One of the most recent and famous children whom the parasite gaslighted is big-titted social-toddler Danielle Marie Bregoli, aka the cash me ousside girl, who used her power-pawn status to start a rap career that will doubtless end with a whole lot of regret, plenty excuses, probably a few scowling mongrels falling out her front-butt, and her own slow suicide to a “sudden” death in her early 40’s.

Meanwhile, McGraw marches on: the parasite eunuch ZOG puppet shows no sign of stopping.

Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat aka “judge destroys spoiled rich girl”

Another “Dr, Phil” type was the “judge destroys spoiled rich girl,” as the spic was named by those who proliferated his viral video.

Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat, a fat loser lawyer who became a Judge in the Cuban shithole of Miami-Dade County in Florida after running unopposed in 2010, came to the United States from shithole Cuba, and quickly began defecating his pitiful, simple-minded tribalism within his new host-country.

“During his four years in office, he became the chairman of the Cuban Caucus, a group created to unite Cuban-American legislators in Tallahassee, and rallied for benefits for immigrants,” reported tribalist spic David Ovalle in an homage to Rodriguez-Chomat, after news of the fat loser’s death.

“The Cuban cause was extremely personal for my father. Most of what he did when he was in the state House trying to help Cuban people,” boasted the fat loser’s tribalist spic son, with his pitiful keyhole view of the world.

Press 1 for a judge who speaks English (effectively)

Despite that United States laws are written in English, despite Rodriguez-Chomat’s time as an attorney, and a member of the Florida House of Representatives, and a judge — none of it resulted in Rodriguez-Chomat having any more than a 6th grade sense of English, even as his spic tribalist machismo caused him to fake charisma (as tribalist spics so often do) as a defense-mechanism when his inferiority-complex started bubbling to the surface of his mind, during those instances wherein he perceived that he was not being taken seriously enough.

Rodriguez-Chomat even leveraged that fake charisma defense-mechanism in the courtroom, which led to his won “viral video” for all the losers who enjoyed seeing an old, inarticulate patriarch spic “destroy a rich girl”–who turned out to be just a penniless drug-addicted scapegoated teenage spic, who grew up learning to fake-brag by listening to Zionist-crafted nigger music.

In the video, through his “I only be here five-year can you believing it?” accent, and his Junior High sense of word-choice, highly “educated” Honorable Dr. Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat Esquire (who had, by then, been in the USA for over 50 years) vacillated between smirking and side-winking with his degenerate court officers; to inarticulately scolding the citizen before him for not being articulate; to smiling and smirking; to scolding the citizen before him for laughing nervously; as she imperfectly navigated the spic-run Miama-Dade shithole to which fat loser Rodriguez-Chomat had been contributing since before she was born.

And they all lived happily ever after

This affront to justice and morality afforded losers at Daily Mail the opportunity to remark, “She cleans up well! Girl who flipped off Miami judge shows up in court looking prim and earns APPLAUSE for change in attitude”–as if it were her fault that the pitiful petty patriarchs spics in Miami-Dade County do not set a good example for the teenage girls who end up in court–because the pitiful petty patriarchs spics are too busy muling drugs from Cuba, and caging each other for impoliteness–in limp attempts to be king Cuban of their own micro-managed shithole enclave filled with desperate pawns in the slave-state of Florida.

“History is told by the winners,” or at least told by the tyrants and degenerates in charge during their speck of time. Thus, in the end, the event is written as “judge destroys spoiled rich girl,” and not “judge fails to conduct himself formally and somberly (in accordance with the Federal Rules of Judicial Conduct), mocking and taunting an inebriated citizen who is one-forth of the judge’s age, as the citizen is leaving from the judge’s unprofessional courtroom–then decrees that the citizen will be caged for 30 days because the citizen responded in kind to the judges unprofessionalism.”

In lighter news: the symptom died.

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