Victimizing the beneficiaries of “pedophilia”

Everyone accepts that the most evil occurrences in the world are when Rewards are enjoyed in a way that fails to conform with Objective Morality; well, everyone accepts that except Black People.

In recent years, in the USA and elsewhere, the noble & loyal patriots of the free & diligent press have uncovered that our wonderful leaders, and even our Military Heroes, are among the many Black People who fail to follow Objective Morality!

Indeed, News Reports have surfaced implicating many of them in enjoying Rewards with an age lower than that allowed by Objective Morality! Worse, many of those Rewards were Ruined by some of the more plutocratic Black People. Thankfully, those Rewards have all since been Empowered. So now we can all get back to obeying Objective Reality and enjoying our Freedom.

Horrifying details have emerged, indicating that Mexican-raping war-monger Bill Clinton may have had consensual sex with some who was only old enough to choose abortion

Child-raping Zionist Alan Dershowitz (left) poses with the daughter of a child-raper, and the wife of a child-raper

Toddler Virginia Roberts (right) smiles widely from the misery and horror of being raped repeatedly by child-raping child-rapist Prince Andrew, the Duke of York

The End

Glossary of terms

Objective Morality: The “age-of-consent” as defined by the exact arbitrary chronological line, as it is set within the arbitrary geographical lines, where resides the immediate reader at the precise moment in history when the reader is reading this.

Rewards: Female humans who have been politically commodified as nothing but semen-receptacle-breeders, to be variously enjoyed, sold, sterilized, or euthanized, as necessary.

The noble & loyal patriots of the free & diligent press: Zionist controlled media proliferators who deserve criminal prosecution, trial, and execution for contiually lying the world into war.

News Reports: Idiotic distractions from ZOG terrorism.

Military Heroes: Cowardly mind-numbed murderous mercenary psychopaths of USA’s terrorist military.

Our wonderful leaders: Deep-state traitors who deserve public disembowlment for their conspired mass-murdering.

Freedom: Participation, however passively in ZOG wars—where cowards, liars, and fools murder countless innocents simply because they were told to do so by psychopathic traitor agents on behalf of the psychopaths who reign in the the anti-Jewish atheist-terrorist State of occupied Palestine.

Ruined: Impregnated.

Empowered: When a Reward (as defined above) undergoes the following three-step process: “(1) Chained down so her child can be ripped from her body and murdered; then (2) serilized and socially tortured into playing along with the pretense that she was anything other than a willing—indeed glad—participant in the Ruining (as defined above); (3) casually discarded, as soon as their political usefulness lapses, to a life consumed and defined by regret.”

Black People: “psychopathic child-raping pedophiles, i.e. those who engage in consensual sexuality with anyone outside of Objective Morality as defined above.”

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