Two major benefits of Overdiagnosis (of autism & otherwise) as a control-tactic for manly moms, feminine fathers, and the CDC pawns of government’s Big Pharma tyrants

There exist no less than two immensely powerful benefits of overdiagnosis as a tactic for anti-health, anti-life traitorous tyrants. The most topical benefit is obvious: pathologizing as much normalcy as possible allows for selective-diagnosing (i.e. selective enforcement) against only political opponents (and undesirables generally).

This selective enforcement, even if it does not destroy the target outright, will stymie them significantly; which makes Overdiagnosis a very viable sociopolitical weapon (with the only serious defensive consideration being to create enough failsafes for oneself so as to prevent the Overdiagnosis stone from rolling back on oneself).

The secondary benefit of Overdiagnosis as a tactic for wretches and tyrants is less topical: the prevention of accurate assessment and action, by the equivocation of research data.

The calm, well-meaning, sadistic, anti-truth maniacs at the Centers for Disease Control

Tucked away among the pittance of truth in the quagmire of misleading CDC propaganda is the following statement:

“The [2003] study does not find a link between thimerosal-containing vaccines and autism in Denmark and Sweden, where autism rates continue to increase although thimerosal was removed from vaccines in 1992.”

Setting aside that the absence of evidence is hardly ever evidence of absence (and that this is all the more true in the culture of intimidation, fear, and falsity fostered by the CDC, wherein only the naïve would dutifully suppose due diligence on the part of those curated researchers who tell Big Pharma’s CDC pawns what they want to hear and smear throughout a poisoned citizenry);

and setting aside also that whatever sub-poison replaced thimerosal in the sacrament of Pharmacologism could be even more brain-damaging than thimerosal;

another possibility exists: the researchers controlled for not enough of the myriad strains of “autism” invented by those who invent diagnoses to control others.

Spectre of the autism “spectrum”

It is obvious that wretches and tyrants immensely overdiagnose “autism.” The Scarlett Letter of “autism” is a pseudoscientific buzzword for tyrantsplaining everything from “disobedience disorders” decreed against gaslit sons by manly moms and feminine fathers, to a stand-in for various forms of brain-damage, including those brought by the mental-starvation currently inflicted onto countless children via the Pop-cultures® of Zionist vultures.

Thus the second benefit of Overdiagnosis: by pathologizing as much normalcy as possible, tyrants reserve the reaction of diligently researching only those elements and sections of the Overdiagnosis which relate neither causally, nor even by correlation, to the phenomenon which they pretend to study; then they can equivocate the conclusion—deceitfully conflating all elements and sub-sections of the Overdiagnosis:

“We removed, from our unnecessary and ineffective* poisons, (one of) the brain-damaging ingredients (while possibly replacing it with an equally brain-damaging ingredient); and although our unnecessary and ineffective poisons no longer contain (that) brain-damaging ingredient—still ‘autism’ is on the rise.”

Ok, but which “autism” persists and is increasing? Is it the behavioral “autism,” which evil governments abuse bad parents into imposing against good, neglected children? Or is it the biological “autism” that serves the CDC pawns of Big Pharma gangsters as convenient newspeak to mask the brain-damage caused by various poisonous “medicines” forced onto healthy people under the guise of “prevention”?

*Post Script

Among the many anti-vax points made in 2017 at an address to the West Virginia Senate Education Committee by Doctor Suzanne Humphries, a physician and as much of an expert on the terrors of vaccines as there can be about a topic so shrouded in governmental (i.e. CDC) conspiracy: Humphries noted that vaccines often, though effective at destroying brains and bodies, are yet ineffective at destroying the very diseases for which they (supposedly) are variously intended. (However, again, vaccines have been proven quite effective in combatting the “disease” which government tyrants and their Big Pharma gangsters fear foremost: the health and life of undesirables.)

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