Black Lives Matter announces new slogan: “Ooga Booga!”


Death-worthy media, who continually incite mindless black violence against whites to distract mindless niggers from the well-earned extermination of blacks through government’s Planned Parenthood (aka Operation Blackout), have reported that Black Lives Matter has officially created a new fact-based, high-IQ slogan, as they plan to retire “Hands up, don’t shoot,” their most recent fact-based, high-IQ slogan that was based entirely on the real world, and not on a fantasy manufactured by social-engineers to remind everyone that blacks are generally mindless and dangerous, and that everyone is better off keeping quiet about Planned Parenthood’s ongoing anti-nigger crime-fighting, which has contributed millions of nigger abortions to an eternally grateful society and world.

White man’s new burden: Purifying hellish niggers

“Sure, it’s hell-on-earth if you happen into a black-dominated part of the country, but dam!–can you imagine if those millions of ugly, nappy-headed niglets had not been slain over the years inside these nigger bitches crime-factories!?,” wisely racisted Moses Luther King Mandela Gandhi Obama Netanyahu Lockett Young X jr.–one of the good ones.

X jr. was born a nigger female with the birth-name of Nigger-Bitch McShitstain. But salvation from that hell-of-a-life arrived in the form of the white adoptive parents who bought X jr. from an adoption agency after a heroic judge saved him from his nigger parents who had refused to hand him over to the CDC to receive the safe, healthy, mandatory vaccines that never kill anyone nor give anyone brain-damage.

Then, at the age of eight, on the advice of his white and delightsome parents, X jr. transitioned from male to eunuch, bleached off his niggerness as best he could, forever pledged his allegiance to USA’s piece of cloth, dedicated himself to homosexualism, and chose to appropriate names from superior cultures and more grandiose narratives, taking after his hero: Michael King jr., the nigger-bitch banger.

Old Lesbians Organizing for Change

“We have always focused on the real primal nature of blacktivism,” said Ooga and Booga, the poop-colored, pro-infanticide lesbians who created the fact-based, high-IQ group known as Black Lives Matter. “Cuz it be important that mufukas be able to vocally fluctuate our suicidal, mind-numbing mantras with little more effort than a grunt. And this new slogan–‘Ooga Booga!’–reflects just that, my mufukin nigga! Is it savage? Of course it’s savage, mah mufukin nigga!! Oh jah mufukas, niggas is savages! Where yo ass been? And of course racis crakkkas be trying to make us feel inferior about our laughably savage roots–but that’s jus cuz dey jealous!! LOL!! FRFR!!! BLACK POWER! BLACK POWER! BLACK POWER!”

And they all lived happily ever after.

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