Wars against his privacy and her modesty

Millennia ago, patriarchs created laws against rape. These unprecedented laws provided girls and women, as well as boys and men, a level of autonomy and self-determination that was unimaginable before then:

women and girls were relatively freed from shrunken lives lived in cages of constant fear;

while countless men and boys were mentally unchained from shackles of mediocrity—of needing only to overpower a frail and frightened female in order to secure a mate for as long as he could sequester it from other, more dominant men.

In the same era, patriarchs nobly introduced the institution of marriage, establishing a process by which the men in society mutually agreed not to rape, enslave, or otherwise terrorize one another’s wives.

These examples of manly chivalry ushered in, for women, a golden-age of comfort and safety.

However, eventually new men in a mechanically accelerated blink of history—figuring the benefits of slavery and autocracy, yet failing to admit the costs—cast the world into a age of lead and rust; where heavy hands forged heavy crowns, centralizing the authority of violence, and ending sexual normalcy for many generations.

In this bright and blinding age of pale and sickly rage, many men neutered themselves chemically or surgically—while having been terrorized into pretending such neutering was meant to secure their own “autonomy” and “safety.”

Moreover, many women, similarly slovenly, submitted to the social-slavery of sterilization, penis-envy, and even complicity in the murder of their own children—while having been terrorized into cloaking such submission under various startlingly mind-numbing euphemisms, including “choice” and “health” and even “empowerment.”

Furthermore, many men and their women were sociopolitically tempted into the genetic-noose of homosexualism and other cowardly distractions, as coping-mechanisms to avoid the anxiety of participating bravely at the frantic pace, and within the soulless framework, set by a transitory series of delusional traitors to nature, who insisted on breaking themselves against the reality which they were so vainly certain that they could break.

Then the dust settled, and the world continued.

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