YouTube headquarters shooter? LOL (catharsis of watching tyrants walk the plank in their eye)

“Iran is not sending their best—they’re not sending you and you. They’re sending people who have a lot of problems: they’re murderers; they’re PETA members; and some, I assume, are good people,” said Google CEO Jewseph Zionstein at a press conference today, reacting to the unarmed she-shooter who protested with warning-shots outside of YouTube headquarters, in what experts are saying is a case of YouTube being heavy-handed tyrants who brought it on themselves.

As someone robbed of money and memories by YouTube’s anti-reality tyranny, I would enjoy being a fly on one of the walls as they fall down around the tyrants.

Once upon a time, some scraggly ineffective Persian girl shot up Google’s YouTube headquarters, after being stepped on and over by the petty minders who thought-patrol for YouTube.

Since the terrorist attacked like a girl—Nasim Aghdam was able to kill only herself—YouTube quickly resumed business-as-usual.

Still, lurking in the digital shadows as arbiters of news, Google had to choose how to balance mention of their karma.

After all, they could just go the standard direction—flooding the attention of the nation and the world with suffering that they decide to prioritize, especially to use the occasion to echo the marked traitors who cause and conflate crises as an excuse to advocate for rescinding the U.S. Constitution by disarming law-abiding citizens.

But trumpeting a case of violent resistance that occurred so close to them would risk putting a laser-focus on themselves for copycats — few if any of whom would be as ineffective as the Persian she-assassin who managed to kill only herself.

Instead, the story was relatively buried, which of course runs the risk of people noticing how dismissed it is—almost as if everyone involved just respawned elsewhere and continued on.

Meanwhile, sophists warning of a technocratic doomsday continue to play along with Google et al., about the omnipotence of Google et al., even as the pawns and puppets of Google et al. will spend the rest of their lives in constant fear of inevitable, impending reactions to their feeble, transitory tyranny.

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