DC Comics teams up with rape-enthusiast Cytherea Zionstein to introduce new diverse & inclusive crime-themed character “The Niggler”

DC Comics’ new crime-themed character “The Niggler” will be the most charismatic rapist ever, as DC tries to appeal to the crime-culture of everyday Nigger-Americans

“Better late than never,” quipped the masturbation experts at DC Comics, unveiling their all-new diverse and inclusive, crime-themed character “The Niggler.”

“Charismatically violent niggers who rape white women are highly underrepresented in United States popular culture, and so we wanted to offer a character that better represents the crime-culture of so many degenerate niggers in the USA,” said Liz Beckmann of Bertelsmann Stiftung, the German monolith which looms over DC Comics’ creative direction.

Beckmann, a former married switchboard operator whose adultery with German media magnate Reinhard Mohn when he was twice her age eventually earned her five billion dollars, further explained the thought-process behind “The Niggler”:

“We adulterous prostitutes in shithole Germany, who casually and coldly trade in our men as needed, have a saying: ‘Statistically, niggers tend to be very dangerous’. So I thought it would be nice to create a poop-colored character who was a little more realistic—one that would balance out all the laughably unrealistic ‘amazing genius’ black characters that tend to make all the normal, dangerous niggers feel left out and marginalized as ‘not good enough’.”

The Niggler, set to premiere next month at Comicon 2525, will have the catch phrase, “White girl bleed a lot”—a quote popularized by a random violent nigger who, itself, has faded into the political distance, even as racist crakkka Colin Flaherty culturally appropriated the phrase as the title for his racist white-supremacist book: White Girl Bleed A Lot.

The premiere of The Niggler is set to feature pornstar Cytherea Zionstein—a frail, fluid-filled cock-goblin who tried to revamp her porn career in 2015 by staging a PR stunt where she faked being gang-raped by three black guys, then vowed to whore-out her pitiful, withering hole to black guys, to prove that race was not a factor in her faked rape—and that every white woman who is raped by a nigger may be justified to hate and fear men in general, but that hate and fear should never target to the race of her rapist, especially since the countless niggers who rape white women dindu nuffin, and are getting their lives back together.

“Rape” survivor Cytherea Zionstein at a Comicon meet-and-greet to promote the new DC Comics character “The Niggler,” posing with fans dressed up as black rapists

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