Chinese-led one-world-government announces Jewess-gifting as slavery reparations

In 2050, China became a mega-majority in the world. Soon thereafter China, having gradually undercut the one-world Zionist slave-state built and maintained by shit-skinned mongrels, finally overtook the figureheads among the homogenized diversity-worshipers, and gained total control of the one-world-government systems.

For their part, the pitiful sniveling atheist pseudo-Jews desperately smirked all their cutthroat cultural cards that had always worked:

“Oy vey! Chinese are antisemitic: they don’t think Jews should kill babies by cutting up and sucking baby dicks for Metzitzah B’peh!”

“Oy vey! Chinese are antisemitic: they mention the stranglehold of Zionists on banking, politics, and media!”

“Oy vey! Chinese are antisemitic: they mention Jews’ significant role in slavery!”

“Oy vey! Chinese are antisemitic: they mention Zionist plots to disrupt nations with hordes of immigrants!”

“Oy vey! Chinese are antisemitic: they mention Zionist plots to destroy cultures by popularizing, then mandating, homosexualism and infanticide!”

Unfortunately for the Zionists, by that time their pawns and puppets were too retarded by degenerate Zionist media, and thus were incapable of sustaining the level of thinking necessary to do anything other than pity, praise, pay, and obey their slithering Zionist overlords. And so the Chinese easily took over the world.

Then, as reparations for Jews’ lead role in slavery, the Chinese-led one-world government declared that niggers were allowed to rape Jewish women and girls.

But the niggers, whose laughable stupidity and immense venality resulted in them having been placed as the primary buffer between the Zionist overlords and their subjects, had gradually taught each other self-respect while distanced from the corrupting influence of white devils; and so they rejected the offer of Zio-pussy, considering Zionist women to be cartoonishly ugly.

Instead, the niggers just slaughtered all the slave-driving Zionists—and then lived happily ever after under the rule of Chinese masters, who paid all niggers slaves with unlimited watermelon, fried chicken, kool-aid, pity, compliments, crime, excuses, diabetes, hypertension, early death, and thug heaven.

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