outrage of the weak

Once upon a time, a bunch of desperate, man-hating, penis-envying lesbians started, a website for the National Organization For Women, a whorish harem of penis-less pawns who beg for attention by agitating for the policies of certain men among society’s dueling patriarchs.

Eventually the site, like feminism generally, was so ineffective that its operation had to be supervised more directly by the men for whom the dumb, dainty feminists agitate.

Among the first changes made the manly overseers was to discontinue, and to disappear, a column that was so laughable and womanly as to command, among any thinking person, an immediate double-take: Outrage of the week.”

Then the feminist pawns of bumbled on–continuing to pretend that they were more than a loose, lazy, and lame collection of discarded, man-hating, penis-envying losers who advocate for the murder of the children of the poor as a path to prosperity.


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