Doomed destinies dreamt and drudged by the volatile, violent victimology of Socialisms (red-pill cults, feminist fantasies, & man-made assaults on masculinity)

Eventually, for many, cowardice found its final form in Socialism’s many forms: the death-throes of successive narcissists who squander their potential to succeed in some respect or another, addicted instead to an internally illogical hope to persuade, collectively, precisely those of their doomed pet-peeves of which they fail frantically and endlessly to persuade individually. It is simply the fantasy of founding, by force, preferences that cannot be established by fact.

Then these doomed socialist fantasies (especially their doomed pseudo-anti-socialist antitheses) were dressed up by opponents as an ever-present, existential threat; and dressed up by proponents as an inevitable, purifying utopia; as both breeds of charlatan clung—whether blithely or bitterly, yet always brazenly—to belief in the efficacy of constant, calculated misrepresentation.

And as dying whites limply orchestrated the culling of other whites, desperate to extend their wisp of morality by establishing their dream of a long, leisurely life within the perpetual day-spa of a multi-mud ex-ethno-slave-state; and as dueling patriarchs placed feminist political-landmines amid one another’s palaces:

eunuch eulogists—pliant, prim, and grim—predicted such obvious political math as when the targeted mass-murder of girls led to anti-social behavior by the resultant imbalance of selected slave-boys who were preferred by those cowardly, cunning parents willfully donning the mantle of proactive, pre-born “selective mortal neglect,” in order better to appeal, as vain and vapid vocational-veal, to hungry ghosts in gilded cages.

Then, to dust, they each returned.

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