Permissive parents as demonic drug-dealers

The permissive parent, a sloppy and sluggish slinger of emotion-drugs: proud of the visceral addiction with which they afflict trusting, hopeful children; fixated on their own addiction to the paltry power necessary to entice the inexperienced and unaware into saddling themselves with those self-destructive habits that will place them forever at the mercy of successive series of neuroses that will capriciously careen into their minds, from time to time, as they sleep on their feet. “Forever,” as in “until when—if ever—they learn to fight back against such savagely serene sirens’ beckoning from, towards, and into the swamps of self-indulgence: to welcome, and to demand, instruction as to the real objective and subjective standards to which, in life, they will be held—and to which they must hold themselves—in order to build whatever success they envision.”

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