JUSTICE for Domineque Ray and Clayton Lockett (aka FUCK Tiffany Harville and Stephanie Neiman)

Racist retards are again abuzz, lamenting that Muslim loser Domineque Ray was denied the company of a Muslim Imam when Ray was executed in Alabama, decades after nigger Ray and his nigger friend raped and murdered a nigger bitch.

Studies further indicate that we now live in a time when the pathologically anti-white black loser pets of Zionist media will spin into blind rage over the “n-word” far faster than they will lose their temper when a black girl is raped and murdered — and then one of the men who raped and murdered her is held up as a victim: by Issac J. Bailey for The Root; by Adam Liptak of the New York Times; and by many others.

Disappearing the victim, and the rape, to play up the nigger angle

Plenty of those reporting, Baily among them, mentioned neither the victim’s name–Tiffany Harville–nor the fact that she was raped before she was killed. It is reasonable to assume that, in order to strengthen their faggoty little anti-white “black-rapist-murderer-victim” narrative, more than zero ZOG media editors literally told their reporters to omit the established fact of a rape in the case, and to disappear the name of Tiffany Harville.

ZOG Hog Elena Kagan attempts, yet again, to jew a victim out of justice

Fat, fugly kike dyke Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, former Dean of Harvard Law School, spewing her ZOG descent against the evil majority SCOTUS opinion which ruled to allow the quiet, peaceful, gentle execution of the rapist murderer despite no “Imam” being there, said, “A Christian prisoner may have a minister of his own faith accompany him into the execution chamber to say his last rites. But if an inmate practices a different religion — whether Islam, Judaism or any other — he may not die with a minister of his own faith by his side.” Of course the lie-by-omission by the kike dyke is that if ever a Christian rapist murderer is denied a priest — that denial never becomes national news as racist pity-propaganda.

Clayton Lockett is pitied, Stephanie Neiman is a footnote

The “horrible violation” of the rights of men who rape and murder nigger bitches comes less than five years after occasional, cursory mentions of Stephanie Neiman, one of the victims of rapist murderer Clayton Lockett who, in 2014, was another black rapist murderer “victim,” whose execution was, in the mind’s of insane racists, an affront to justice–because Lockett suffered during his execution…after shooting Stephanie Neiman with a shotgun and burying her alive.

“Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks” -The mainstream media

Stephanie Neiman spent the last moments of her life suffocating, and in horrible pain. Tiffany Harville spent the last moments of her life being stabbed over and over so forcefully that, according to Forensic Scientists, the knife broke through her skull three of the twelve times she was stabbed in the head, as she reportedly cried out, “God, help me!”

This, too, shall pass.

Somehow, in the mind of plenty black pets (and white enablers) who have a pathological addiction to slithering Zionist media, the aforementioned facts add up to, “Domineque Ray and Clayton Lockett are victims of evil racist AmeriKKKa!” Meanwhile, these pseudo-Jews can only get away with so many lies to black people about black rapist murderers.

*In related news: Actor Liam Neeson recently apologized to a nigger bitch about the impolite way he handled the brutal black-on-white raping of his female friend by an unarmed nigger who, as we speak, is almost certainly “getting his life back together.”

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