Morality vs Externality (murder vs abandonment; reward vs rape; sluts vs studs; privilege vs punishment)

Confusion torments and tosses those trusting adults and children, who assume there must be at least something more than nothing to all the talk of “equality” and such, but who witness always harsher standards and punishments for boys than girls, for men than women—for example, in the realm of rape and murder.

Murder vs abandonment

If a woman feels unready or unwilling to parent her child—then patriarchs provide that she may murder it, and call the murder “health” and “women’s rights.” Yet if a man feels unready or unwilling to provide for the mother to parent his child, and instead abandons the mother and child—such abandonment is never termed “health” or “men’s rights.”

After all, if a pregnant woman is trained and tolerated to murder a man’s child, then the externality—the cost to society—is minimal (setting aside or masking, as enablers of such murders always do, the myriad derivative costs of countenancing a child-murderer.)

However, if an impregnating man is trained and tolerated to abandon his children, then the externality—the cost to society—would be ultimate: it is a certainty that, by tolerating (much less rewarding) men who impregnate and abandon—such a society would completely collapse in a generation.

Thus, gender equality is a vapid myth, and it is not by measuring morality, but rather by measuring externality, that society allows women to murder men’s children, while those same murderous women, and their societal enablers, concomitantly call for the caging and castrating of men who abandon their children.

Reward vs rape

Moreover, if a woman decides to enjoy consensual sexuality with a legal minor—then that child is widely considered to be lucky, and is widely considered to have obviously enjoyed themselves too.

However, if a man decides to enjoy consensual sexuality with a legal minor—then that child is widely considered to have been sexually violated, and the child will invariably be socially tortured into confessing their agreement that they did not enjoy their sexual enjoyment.

This gender-based inequality will endure indefinitely—inasmuch as patriarchs are entirely uninterested in considering “consent” as relevant to society’s sexual allowances for men, given that it would amount to emboldening random men to establish vast harems filled with as many fresh-faced, fertile adolescent and teen girls as the men can connive to collect.

Sluts vs studs (aka single-moms vs nation-builders)

Similarly, if a woman enjoys a few days of orgies with several drunken male friends—this would be carefully criticized, due to the possible externality of the slut becoming a pregnant, discarded burden on society; thus such behavior would be framed with shame, especially to convince the woman to murder the unborn result for the sake of mitigating the undue burden, the social cost—the externality—with precisely zero thought of morality.

However, if a man enjoys a few days of orgies with several drunken female friends—then every effort will be made among patriarchs, and their minions, to cast the stud as a manipulator (a svengali), a degenerate, even a rapist—and to induce mass-murder among the stud’s several socially volatile semen-receptacles; because the externalities of such behavior could be absolutely massive: within a year, each and every woman providing the man with an heir. If such behavior were anything less than villified, then random guys could go from a childless individual to the patriarch commander of a blood-relative army—in a matter of decades.

Patriarchs will always punish men far more than they punish women

These and countless other gender-based inequalities confuse all those who credulously believe such crafty, deceptive narratives as the pretended societal reverence for “gender equality.”

After all, and obviously: any real or imagined social and political appreciation for equality pales to the manifestly mammoth social and political appreciation for a mitigation of externalities (i.e. the societal costs of a given toleration).

Considering just these cursory cases, it is easy to see that such equivocations as “equality” are, at most, only social-porn to distract, for better or worse, women and men of prime child-bearing years: binding them into countless, endless theories about life—and luring them as far away as possible from certain practices of life.

Moreover, it should be no wonder why the men who manage society always have, do now, and always will provide far more allowances and privileges to women than to men—and this is without even factoring the fact that these allowances and privileges are the most powerful tools of men for enticing, owning, and controlling women—and thus the next generation.

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