Milwaukee police officer Matthew Rittner died as he lived: a mercenary pawn for Big Pharma

Big Pharma’s monopoly on medicine ruins lives. The most recent casualty is Milwaukee Police Officer Matthew Rittner, who was murdered today while trying to inflict the will of one side of the war between “drug dealers” and the Big Pharma narcotics monopoly.

News outlets are further reporting that Officer Rittner was also among the “heroes” who dutifully terrorized innocent people in Iraq, as part of the USA’s wars of aggression code-named “Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

During the same time that some U.S. military mercenaries were terrorizing Iraq, others were in Afghanistan–and part of that mission was helping to reinstall the lucrative heroin-producers whom the evil, prudish Taliban had driven out (in keeping with USA’s tendency to fund its terrorism through drugs). This, among much else, motivated the creation of the ignored and black-listed Iraq Veterans Against The War.

Live and let die.” -The mercenary terrorists of the U.S. Military

Similarly, during USA’s terrorism against Vietnam (et al.), countless among USA’s military mercenaries developed drug addictions while executing the anti-freedom terrorism against Vietnam that the mercenaries were lied into.

Thereafter, countless veterans, returning state-side to less than nothing, brought with them their addictions to narcotics, as well as their disillusion at having been lied into terrorizing innocents in Vietnam and elsewhere.

Many among these returning veterans became homeless. Many of these homeless veterans, deprived of concern as USA’s Warfare State built up to its next terrorism–the veterans turned to the “black market,” in desperate attempts to self-medicate.

This desperation by homeless military veteran drug-addicts established a market for “illicit drugs” — the kind which former two-time Washington D.C. mayor Marion Barry indulged in (with prostitutes), before being re-elected by a landslide (%90+ of D.C. preferred a crackhead criminal Democrat rather than a Republican Jewish woman), with the slogan “white people have hang ups too, get over it,” as his response to criticisms that he was a prostitute-addicted crackhead who should not be re-elected as mayor of Washington D.C.

Despite more than none of the current market for drugs having been established by misery and desperation coming by way of traitors of the U.S. government lying troops into war; regardless, the next generation of mindless mercenaries pawns — the Officer Matthew Rittner of society — are perfectly willing to enforce the stunning hypocrisy of, “Starting now, these are the rules!”

One this is for sure: if cops are going to be sent blindly into houses, as micro-managers for punishing the sellers of various plants and poisons with which the slave-class among us self-medicate — then those cops should insist on being provided bulletproof armor during their state-sponsored terrorism, lest they end up shot, like Useful Idiot Matthew Rittner, who died months after after the death of Officer Michael J. Michalski.

Michalski, another officer of the Milwaukee police, also died as he lived: enforcing proscriptions against the least among us—laws that selectively criminalize self-medication and self-defense, and which are put into place by various well-protected, well-medicated, drug-dealing, gun-running, intelligence-fabricating terrorist traitors of the United States government.

Better still, since veteran addicts and other fallen victims among us were never provided the political-body-armor of not being lied into war, and not being neglected thereafter — cops should simply refuse to be mercenaries for one side of the war between “drug dealers” and the Big Pharma narcotics monopoly whose government-subsidized greed and apathy bloat the cost of medicine exponentially, forcing self-medicating slaves ever further into the shadows.

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