Stoic manliness

The appeal and approval is readily apparent of those men who retreat least and last—if ever—into the womanly groveling of smirks and laughs.

The frailty, cowardice, and indecision which causes a man to limp into a conversational fetal-position must spike always the immediate derision of all men—as it does among all women—who aim to ascertain whom to respect, and thus to trust.

Moreover, the man without enough strength, sense, and diligence to deign a moderated mirror of another’s deference—such a man, as strange as it at first seems, is—and always will be—measured lowest of all.

Yet multipled as worse still are those pairs of men who, upon failing to figure who must adjust, have not thought on how to tie smoothly, together, and depart from that part of the social scene—whose indelicate huffs instead indelibly mar that harmony which, barring the possibility of outright aggression, is always the point of such posturing in the first place.

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