Eventually (Allegiance to breezy allergies and allegories)

It is a testament to the supremacy of subtext—whether of rulers’ clearsightedness & myopia, else ruled’s ignorance & agoraphobia, or a mix of these, else some other thing entirely—that a sober, objective analysis of these casts of castes, both natural and contrived, evades evincing in popular parlance among the various self-slaved-plantations whose blood and pus oils all pretended progress throughout a “civilized world” whose sole unique rightful claim, and manifest intent, is to having conceptualized the most immense and ostentatious oxymoron—in history, indeed imaginable.

Whereas, instead, continuous “shoulds” and “woulds” and “coulds” pepper, primp, and prime—plague—perceptions of, and perspectives on, “is;” with, thereafter, collateral clamoring for the fraud of fickle, feeble, fecal feeling—with often not a mention, or even thought, of faith in fact—as collusion more than commensurate to even the central delusion.

Thence flurried worry devouring sense not to quench thirsty deities beside burning nurseries—vast forests vanished fervently behind tiny trees, as frantic facades and manic machinations for seeming outpace earnest plans to be; at times with an event-horizon, extending beyond all practicality to leverage such seeming into being—eventually.

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