Post-birth abortions are still shamed and criminalized by radical anti-women hate-terrorists: Report

Spokesxers for the pro-justice Animal Liberation Front (ALF) joined with the left-leaning People for the Ethical Treatment Of Murderers (PETOM), today confirming that stigmas against post-birth abortions create an atmosphere of fear, intimidation, and mansplaining which impedes the ability of activists to protect the most vulnerable among us: convicted killers.

The report by ALF & PETOM warns that some of the most corrupt elements of our society continue to shame and punish post-birth abortion doctors as though they were common conservatives.

“Justice for post-birth abortion provider Dr. Amy Bishop Anderson!” -PETOM

Post-birth abortion champion Dr. Amy Bishop Anderson understands the current anti-choice atmosphere all too well:

In 2010, anti-women terrorists arrested Dr. Anderson after she bravely performed three emergency post-birth abortions of her unduly burdensome colleagues—Gopi Podila; Maria Ragland Davis, and Adriel D. Johnson.

Dr. Anderson had scheduled each of the three zygotes to be aborted after tests indicated that each had the severe disability of being an anti-abortion radical who hated love, loved hate, denied history, and used the n-word.

At the time of her arrest, Dr. Amy Bishop Anderson (peace be upon her) was also partway done with performing three other post-birth abortions. However, when the anti-choice terrorists arrested Dr. Anderson, they mistook the three half-alive zygotes as live-births, and thus foolishly transported the clumps of cells to a hospital to be “saved.”

Post-birth abortion hero Dr. Amy Bishop Anderson is currently confined to a dungeon by anti-science psychopaths who believe the anti-science myth that morality can be legislated.

Dr. Amy Bishop Anderson has asked for every supporter and ally to engrave “Justice for all abortion providers” onto a pink bullet, and then to shoot that bullet into their own head—so that they may die as they lived: protesting the injustice of anti-evil hate-laws.

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