Nick Sandmann’s white privilege in D.C. obscures the reality of whitemarket organ-harvesting and anti-black terrorism generally

Privilege is always a double-edged sword, with the downside often being the withholding of reality from the privileged person.

Months after police in Florida who had, through false-arrests, sought to ruin innocent black lives with impunity (a common occurance) were jailed for their betrayal of the public trust (a rare occurance); white privilege was on full display in Washington D.C. for several students from Covington Catholic High School, who were exploited by both sides of the U.S. uniparty to propagandize the myth that “truth-seekers are on the case.”

Anti-freedom liberals, as the controlled opposition of war-mongering Republicans, sought to frame the students as “racist,” as part of ongoing Zionist campaigns to distract from worldwide terrorism by the United States.

Meanwhile, spendthrift conservatives, as the controlled opposition of war-mongering Democrats, marinated the students in victimology mantras—likewise as part of ongoing Zionist campaigns to distract from worldwide terrorism by the United States.

Among the Covington pawns of the bipartisan war-mongering uniparty was Nick Sandmann, a student who was thrust into the center of the distraction campaign.

Sandmann, who had attended the tepidly anti-murder “March for life,” was at some point accosted by crazy black men who shouted crazy things at Sandmann—”faggot” and “incest baby” and many other weird insults. Yet one thing especially stuck in Sandmann’s mind when yelled by the crazy blacks: they addressed what seemed to be the only black student within a sea of white Covington faces, and they told the black kid that his white peers would one day harvest his organs. Sandmann later mentioned that he “ha[s] no idea what that insult means.” Of course not: the nature of privilege is naïveté.

Nevertheless, executioners of the modern United States death-cult are never content with worldwide terrorism on behalf of the anti-Jewish atheist-terrorist State of occupied Palestine: they also murder children throughout the world—for various reasons, especially economy and convenience. Indeed, again: Sandmann and his friends had traveled hundreds of miles to protest government-sanctioned mass-murder.

Yet once in the belly of the beast, those Catholic feeder-sheep, blinded by their white privilege, had not ears to hear nor eyes to see the truth that the black slave descendants had revealed to them: abortion, terrorism, and war—these are not the only tools of death-cults: they also relentlessly promote the genetic death of homosexuality (“faggots!”), especially among black slave-descendants; while also harvesting the bodies of the dead as well as the organs of the living.

After just another distraction, after yet more façade—another half-informed, white person was, by his privilege, dislodged from the center of the bipartisan storm of misinformation—freed to resume his life of comfort, safety, and privilege.

Yet privilege is always a double-edged sword, with the downside often being the withholding of reality from the privileged person.

Thus, Nick Sandmann coasted through life thereafter—withheld truth, and prevented the companionship and solidarity with, and compassion towards, those other anti-murder advocates; who, without white privilege, are continually gaslit and scapegoated for being uppity niggers when they protest government-sanctioned mass-murder impolitely.

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