Murmur and fade of anti-truth pissants (New York Mag’s Eric Levitz example)

As tyrants’ demands grew ever greater for convincing liars, the supply dried up, and tyrants settled for plausible liars, then simply liars who could baseline articulate a relatively complex lie.

One speck of such anti-truth nothing was a wormy little Zionst called Eric Levitz, who wrote for Salon, MSNBC, NyMag, and other outlets of anti-truth nothing — all intent merely on earning a few shekels, here and there, for cluttering the public discourse with piles of words that misrepresented reality.

Whereas during the heyday of tactful propaganda, elites relied upon such ruses as Political Science and Sociology to mask their propaganda in a sheen of objectivity, by the time Levitz and his ilk had festered onto the scene — no gatekeepers were concerned that Levitz’s Master’s Degree in Fictional Writing may detract from his credibility.

So the shriveled pseudo-Jew bumbled on for a few decades — lying so constantly and thoroughly that his Political Autism eventually blossomed into full-fledged Political Tourette Syndrome.

Direct analysis:

Eric Levitz writes that “Alexandria Ocasio Cortez thinks concentrated wealth is incompatible with democracy. So did our Founders.” Setting aside the slave-driven, federated States, reliant upon representative democracy, which the Founders envisioned: the Founders reviled concentration of power, not concentration of wealth. Furthermore: who is to enforce an equitable distribution of wealth, according to Levtiz, et al.? Of course, an all-powerful centralized State, which can simply fiat whatever it wants–a concentration of power to force the equality of condition (rather: to force whatever they want). Meanwhile, the Founders fought against such tyranny, though it was term differently: Monarchy.

Moreover, in the first paragraph, Levitz quotes of a Founder’s appreciation for “general equality of condition;” then, in the second paragraph, the non-crafty Zionist hypocritically held that standard against his political opponent — decrying the opponent for stating that, “General economic equality is not a precondition for the American dream, but rather, an insurmountable obstacle to it.” Thus, the Fiction Writer simply, limply equivocated “general equality of condition” into “general economic equality,” and assumed that the foolish among his readership would not notice, and that the dishonest among them would not care.

On and on it went, until lying wormy Zionist weasels like Levitz curled up and died — plenty by a well-earned suicide.

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