Roger Stone arrested as USA’s Zionist Occupied Government escalates its political shell-game

“Roger, if you din do nothin wrong, what do you thing you here?,” chided the barely legal immigrant masquerading as a journalist, at the impromptu press conference held by Roger Stone after the spectacle of an early-morning arrest on January 25th, executed against the 66-year-old political strategist who has worked for many prominent political Republican campaigns, including those of presidents Nixon, Reagan, and Trump.

The phrasing of the semi-question by the muddy mindless Mexicant-Americant operative was the most she could muster, after her four-or-so decades of speaking English only when necessitated by her straying far enough away from the Spanish-only enclave where she and millions like her were bread as voting-mules for Democrats, and wage-imploders for elites generally.

What the assless, barrel-bodied shrew meant to mimic—what the whites whom she looks up to (literally and socially) would ask—is, “Mr. Stone: if you did nothing wrong, why do you think you are here.”

Dove-tailing through the brainless Brown’s babble was a chorus of paid-protestors, chanting “lock him up” (a reference to their political hero, Hillary Clinton, who stalks and harasses rape victims), and a man (or perhaps xe was a transwoman) shouting, “Give him a posh dorm [prison cell], for his hate-speech]” (a reference to the popularization of how political-retards, when unable to find any legitimate crimes by their political opponents, advocate that the goverment be vested with the power to jail citizens for thought-crime).

In the comment-sections of Breaking News reporting Stone’s arrest, sentiments were mixed—with anti-Trump political-retards declaring to the effect that “justice is being served,” and “the system works;” while pro-Trump political-retards decried the technically-warranted-yet-legally-unwarranted arrest as a “witch hunt” and proof that the government is unjust (or at least those parts not controlled by the figureheads who coo them).

Meanwhile, Zionists continued to control both faces of the United States Uniparty, as U.S. terrorism flooded ongoing throughout the world, onto countless innocent civilians, whose only discernable crime was having been born in a region which was marked for at least destabilization, else destruction, by the nuclear-armed, anti-Jewish, atheist-terrorist State of occupied Palestine—and their sanctimonious, barely-articulate pawns and puppets in the USA.

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