Myths of push-back in the Trump era (SFTU 2602)

Video on Bitchute. #YoutubeExodus.

The definition of controlled opposition:

One incoming administration after another, from each face of the U.S. Uniparty, failing to prosecute the terrorists and traitors of previous administrations, yet credulous pawns of each political face pretending that an “independent prosecutor”—one ultimately and completely beholden to the head of the Executive branch (the president)—this poses a meaningful threat to the current traitors: for better, according to anti-Trump political-retards; and for worse, according to pro-Trump political-retards. Meanwhile, the leaders, enablers, and co-conspirators of the anti-Jewish atheist-terrorist State of occupied Palestine—they continue to get whatever wars they want.

Just a shell-game with no real push-back.

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