11 best Jordan Peterson


  1. “First of all, don’t you realize that someone in the past had an opinion that directly contradicts YOUR opinion? I mean, think about it, honestly, and I’m being VERY serious: Do you really believe that YOU somehow know more than someone who is in an old book? And I mean that sincerely -Jordan Peterson
  2. “I mean, it’s like, listen dummy! Don’t be a bozo! Seriously. And I mean that sincerely.” -Jordan Peterson
  3. “If you do things that you shouldn’t do, then bad things will happen. Do you really want bad things to happen, dummy? C’mon dummy, don’t be a bozo!” -Jordan Peterson
  4. “It’s like, gosh, does your opinion really differ from mine? I have a piece of paper! And I mean that sincerely. I believe it %100. And I won’t apologize for that: I will not say ‘I am sorry’ for that. This is getting way, way out of hand: Am I really supposed to apologize, because some post-modern bozo doesn’t realize that I read certain books? And I absolutely believe that is the case, and I’m being honest. %100 I am. And I absolutely do not care if the truth hurts. Toughen up, buddy. No one will ever make me apologize for telling the truth. And I mean that sincerely.” -Jordan Peterson
  5. “At a certain point in the past, they had a very wise saying. The time of the saying, and let me tell you: there have been a lot of sayings in the past, believe me. But the particular time of this particular saying is really of no consequence. And in fact nor is the saying itself. But believe me: You do NOT want to be on the other side of the obscure history that I am off-handedly describing to you. I believe that %100. And I absolutely will not apologize for my ability to understand the world better than you. And I mean that sincerely.” -Jordan Peterson
  6. “Tranny expect me to bat at their tuck. That absolutely will NOT happen. My dad grew up in a log cabin. I skipped a grade, so I was small in school. And I mean that sincerely. But there is not way–and believe me: there have been many ways to do many things, god only knows. But as for this thing, now: there is no way that I am going to bat at a tranny’s tuck. I won’t do it. So don’t even ask. And I believe that %100.” -Jordan Peterson
  7. “Hitler did nothing wrong. Really. And I mean that sincerely. And I can prove it. See you’re too young to remember, but in the past, someone wrote a book. And, believe me, a lot of people have written a lot of book, god only knows. But despite all that, or maybe because of it: someone wrote a book, as I said. And that book states quite clearly: Hitler did nothing wrong.” -Jordan Peterson
  8. “I take a lot of drugs. And so does my daughter. Drugs help us feel normal. You have no idea what it’s like to be me. And I mean that sincerely. And I %100 believe that. So, you don’t know. And I will not apologize for that. It’s not going to happen, bozo, so just forget about it. I will not apologize if you don’t know me. I won’t. Absolutely not. My dad grew up in a log cabin. Think about THAT. And you want me to apologize? Are you really that crazy? And I mean that sincerely.” -Jordan Peterson
  9. “Guys, beware of girls: they think it’s ok just to bite you balls & weenie. Really they do. And I sincerely believe that. And girls: you’re not safe either. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Girls…guys wanna…well, they wanna bite…umm…they wanna bite…what you have! That’s right! You know what you have down there–we all know! We all know exactly what down there on you. That’s right. And don’t think we don’t know. And I believe that %100.” -Jordan Peterson
  10. “The secret to my wisdom is that I drink piss.” -Jordan Peterson
  11. “It’s none of my concern if you identify as transgender. I couldn’t bloody well care less. Shove your mangled trans-cock down my throat for all I care. I don’t mind a bit, one way or the other. But what I do take exception to, and this is key–this right here is the key to my entire point: I.will.not.say.’They.’ Ok? So grow up, bozo. And I mean that sincerely.” -Jordan Peterson


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