Twilight of the establishment terrorists and tyrants

Internal tyranny and external terrorism are all-encompassing—for the tyrannized and terrorized; yet also for the tyrants and terrorists, whose costly, inefficient, frantic facade requires, to endure, both furor and fraud—constantly.

Thus, understandable is the incessant reliance, by tyrants and terrorists, on outmoded tactics; such as when political terrorists in the United States on a “nigger” or a smile to make the case that their opponents are “racist” and evil, thus deserving of the incitement which they will, in any case, suffer; or when the political terrorists of the anti-Jewish atheist-terrorist State of occupied Palestine scatter propagandists throughout the world, to keep life-like and warm the corroded carcass of myriad myths which autistically dismisses every criticism against terroristic pseudo-Jews as “antisemitic.”

Previously, such limp and lazy tactics served; since such terroristic pseudo-Jews, as well as their enablers and co-conspirators, respectively and collectively held quite solid monopolies on public discourse, at least in certain swaths of the world, by thorough curating of information.

However, with the racist antisemitic unpatriotic proliferation of racist antisemitic unpatriotic technology, and thus the proliferation of racist antisemitic unpatriotic information, those tyrants and terrorists, again incessantly reliant on outmoded modes, must as always bolster and mask their weak arguments (e.g. their claims to moral superiority) with strong terms (e.g. “racist” and “antisemitism” and “unpatriotic“), even as these “powerful” terms exponentially lose their force, when continually exposed, by the proliferation of knowledge about “racism” and “antisemitism” and “sedition“, as nothing more than hypocritical political propaganda.

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