Four powers: physical, mental, chronological, social

Power: an ability to do.

Physical Power, aka force

Force is the ability to change physical properties—to adjust physical matter to one’s personal will.

Mental Power, aka intelligence

Intelligence is an ability to measure abstractly (e.g. to understand similarities, differences, risks, costs, benefits, probabilities).

Chronological power, aka time

Time is the measure of one’s ability to participate in doing—narrowly, as free time; or widely, as lifespan.

Social power, aka charisma

Charisma is an ability to compel, especially against being compelled; an ability to navigate social wants, needs, hopes, expectations, or preferences (perceived through intelligence) quickly and effectively enough to earn social short-cuts, bypassing a need for other powers—whether positively, as persuasion (including, for example, begging and charming); else negatively, as politics (including, for example, intimidation and the repelling of intimidation; terrorism and the repelling of terrorism).

Power: actual and potential

Everyone has some actual amount of each power, as well as a potential amount of each power; and barters, among others, one form of power for another.

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