Autism: big-government, big-pharma, and bad moms (like Areva Martin) ganging up on neglected children

areva martin

“Areva Martin OWNS black sellout!” -White liberals at CNN

In a twist that surprised not a single intelligent, informed, honest person—Areva Martin, a muddy member of white liberals’ army of pseudo-educated hyper-indoctrinated black pets, stupidly bleated the politically autistic charge of “white privilege” at her political opponent David Webb, the instant Webb spoke of his belief that personal responsibility brings success far sooner than does begging white-daddy government for pity-privileges.

Martin blurted the sanctimonious mental masturbation with absolute certainty, typical of weak-minded black women who are privileged to the point of being functionally retarded—and said, in effect, that Webb’s white privilege blinds him to just how irrelevant personal character is in the privilege-lottery that is society.

(Leave it to an ugly boring mediocre black woman, graduated by Harvard “dumb blacks welcome” University, to assume that people in general are like her—and simply sit still in life, begging for privilege from white-daddy government.)

David Webb then chuckled, and pointed out to the racist black bitch Areva Martin that he, David Webb, is a black man.

Martin, drawing on the lawyering slight-of-hand excreted onto her by the queers, eunuchs, and Zionists at Harvard, “owned the error,” and confidently declared: “Well, I stand corrected.” Both niggers agreed that it is insulting to be referred to as white.

The media all approximated the same limp title: “Martin accuses Webb of white privilege. Webb is black.” None made mention of the addiction of weak-minded, racist black bitches to readily toss out groundless red-herrings about their political opponents. Certainly no news media pointed out that Areva Martin is the kind of delusional racist black bitch who, if it had been a different platform, would have just rolled with Webb’s revelation, and called him an sell-out, uncle tom, coon—whatever delusional characterization will help Areva Martin win the political argument.

Meanwhile, from behind an ever-thinner veil, big government and big pharma conspire with neglectful deadbeat moms to poison neglected children with exprimental medication, transparently aimed at total tyrannical control of the lives and minds of the nation’s underclasses.

A popular response to theories about such conspiracies is lazily to laugh them off as “insane” and “unsupported by evidence.” Of course. After all, what else could a coward or liar do to diffuse mention of elites’ aims to destroy the brains of slave classes—given the loud and proud governmental programs to murder the children of the poor outright?

Thus, after destroying millions of families by forcing millions of husbands and fathers to choose between jail, else joining the terrorists of the United States military; after imploding U.S. wage values by terrorizing millions of would-be wives and mothers into the workforce by training them to be vain, petty, and insufferable—entirely unworthy of marriage, much less motherhood; and after subsidizing countless breaches of marital contract by inflicting and enforcing no-fault divorce—and no-fault alimony—on men: now, generations of children have grown up knowing nothing of women more so than that women are a social and political commodity to whom rules do not apply.

It is for these reasons and more that more and more children simply give up, curl up, and die—emotionally, then mentally; then are gaslighted—by big-government, big-pharma, and bad moms—as having “autism” and “attention deficit” and “oppositional defiant disorder, etc.;”

then the abused children are enlisted as poster-children for the importance of “recognizing autism rights” (which is no reference to the right of a child not to be abused by xer’s, xim’s or they’s neglectful deadbeat mom and the deadbeat mom’s political and corporate enablers—but rather the right of a deadbeat mom and her enablers to invent euphemisms for describing the effects of the deadbeat mom’s abuse);

then the abused children are socially chained to various extended daycares for the children of deadbeat moms, such as Special Needs Network—a racket specializing in advocacy for children who have been emotionally and socially tortured into various “special needs” (i.e. government subsidies for the Special Needs Network, and the deadbeat mom hosts whom the Network enables and feeds off).

And the Harvard-Law-trained President of the Special Needs Network gained her presidency and prestige because she abused her own children into having “special needs.” Indeed, Special Needs Network President Areva Martin’s own abused children have “autism,” or “attention deficit,” or “oppositional defiant disorder,” or “white privilege”—whatever delusional characterization will help Areva Martin win the political argument.

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