Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez vows to let Republicans “run train” on her

*Editor’s note: This article was originally printed in the Associated Press.


Photo courtesy of

WASHINGTON D.C.–When it comes to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, most casual onlookers have had thoughts to the effect of, “OMG…fake jews with Tourette’s Syndrome are so HOT! I would LOVE to run a train on AOC while that sexy googly-eyed alien-faced bitch says ridiculous shit!”

But most people know better than to express sexuality by more than, in this era where patriarch’s feminist pawns, as political landmines, can ruin a man’s life in an instant.

However, AOC (or “sexy googly-eyed alien-faced bitch” as a number of her fans call her) has set a VERY sexy precedent, by saying she wants Republicans to run a train on her.

Critics of SGEAFB say that she’s targeting the mostly-white GOP because–given that she is an assless, trans-bodied man-faced freak–no real man would fuck her with Paul Ryan’s dick and blame it on Jeb Bush.

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