Utopia requires simply extending supreme white male privilege to insane women and muds

An important fact of life is that the only consequences in existence are those which we decide to acknowledge and enforce, socially and politically. Therefore, it is important to let the delusions of white sociopaths seep into and swarm onto women and non-whites, in the form of supreme white male privilege.

Miriam Weeks: Cutting and gangbanging her way to feminist happiness

miriam weeks ak belle knox

Miriam Weeks aka Belle “cut for a pornstar” Knox

We’ve all been there: you want to masturbate away your disappointment with life by watching a 90-pound, self-mutilating, suicidal, hypocrite climb all over a carousel of giant dicks–but the only girls you can find online do not have slash marks all over their  body from cutting themselves in order to feel something.

Well the problem obviously is that there are too many well-adjusted, happy, protected women and girls. Thus it is important to support the Belle Knox Pornography Enabling Act, which makes it a crime to provide any feedback whatsoever to self-destructive bitches who are falling apart–insuring that more and more (and, hopefully, better and better) girls will become trapped into selling for their holes for survival (and cocaine).

For her part, Miriam Weeks (aka Belle Knox) has extended the porn-addiction she learned at 12-years-old into a successful career as a set of holes to pound–and thereafter has pledged to parlay her empowering self-destruction into academia and politics, where she vows to mutilate her potential for normalcy by both her Women’s Studies degree, and her allegiance to the pink political-roach-motel of feminism.


whitney houston and brenda fassie--a couple mediocre drug-addicts

Whitney Houston and Brenda Fassie: a couple of mediocre drug-addicts who were worshiped to an early death

Often enough in the United States, black celebrities are to tact and taste what blacktivism is to reality. This is a fancy way of saying that anyone who says anything about the behavior of any black person — other than offering the black person compliments, apologies, pity, and license: das racis.

Moreover, some boring Jew once theorized that only the good die young. Thus, Whitney Houston and Brenda Fassie died about halfway into life not because they were mediocre, racist, self-worshiping drug-addicts — but rather because they were good.

Dominant niggas memorial brain-damage research fund

dominant niggers dominantly niggering

white technology falls of the head of a noble nigger

White technology dangerously and racistly falls off the head of a normal, well-adjusted nigger with good priorities

As mentioned above: the only consequences in existence are those which we decide to acknowledge and enforce, socially and politically. Therefore, science is still trying to figure out the complicated socio-cultural metaphysical formula for discovering how it is that large aggressive niggers, without a speck of forethought, end up with brain damage after years of running full-speed, head-to-head into each other. The general scientific consensus is that the problem is a creepy-ass-cracker Peruvian defending himself against an chimp out by a violent black teen.


In any case, as with every other problem facing any non-white, the solution is to make it rain ever-bigger welfare checks onto racist, delusional, barely intelligible black hypocrites, in order to escalate their self-destructive habits.

The moral of the story

If you think that you’re going to pander and placate cowardly, delusional, hypocritical, self-worshiping delusional slaves into choosing good priorities–then you’re probably right. After all, people are just extras in the movie of your life–waiting for your majestically simplistic solutions to the external injustices which prevent them from manifesting their internal perfection.

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