Justice for heroic mercenary Sgt. James Brown aka Yung KillyKill da Rapist


21st century science-based blacktivists, and arm-chair quarterbacks generally, know as well as any breathologist that just because an aggressive black person is using their breath to repeatedly say that they can’t breathe–that’s no reason for the people tasked by society with managing criminals to assume that the resister is lying, and trying to gain an advantage with which to resist more effectively.

“Dat nigga ain’t had no bref mah nigga!”: a military hero becomes a social hero

eric garner

Heroically diabetic drug-dealer Eric Garner being choked to death by white devil cops (Editor’s note: fat niggas breathe through dey shoulders and wrists)

“Mah nigga,” said rapper, activist, and United States Army mercenary James Brown, aka Yung KillyKill da Rapist, in a 2014 interview with Black Power! Death to White Devils Radio about the murder of heroic deadbeat dad criminal Eric Garner, “just because a mufukin nigga be breathing enough to resist several niggas, and breathing enough to frantically repeat ‘nigga, ya mufukin boi cannot breath and shit yo!’, while resisting several niggas–that ain’t mean the nigga can breathe, my nigga! BLACK POWER! BLACK POWER!”


Some bullshit: Da hero of military and society becomes a mufukin victim his gotdam self

In 2012 Brown, a nobly non-white pawn, received several awards for heroism from Barack Obama, the first black United States president with a white mom, for freeing many Iraqis to death, during USA’s obviously humanitarian effort in Operation Iraqi Freedom. However, racism later claimed the life of Yung KillyKill da Rapist, when he was “killed in an El Paso jail by over 9000 creepy ass crakkkas, who hate to see a brotha getting dat paper,” according to one of Brown’s accomplices, Dorian Johnson, who then teared up and hollered, “CONSEQUENCES BE RACIS, YO!! BLACK POWER!! BLACK POWER!! BLACK POWER!!


Two racist crakkkas attacking dat nigga Yung Killykill da Rapist! BLACK POWER! BLACK POWER! BLACK POWER! 

Pour one out for da nigga, Yung KillyKill da Rapist!

R.I.P. Sgt. James Brown aka Yung KillyKill da Rapist! Dat nigga dindu nuffin–just shot a cop, then became hostile towards jailers because of his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from heroically freeing so many Iraqis to death. Also, da nigga had da sickle cell…BLACK POWER! BLACK POWER! BLACK POWER!

heroic mercenaries free an iraqi women to death during operation iraqi freedom

Heroic creepy-ass-crakkkas free an Iraqi women to death during operation Iraqi freedom

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