One plantation, under surveillance, with privilege and leniency for jingoes

Once upon a time, the uniparty, comprised of anti-democracy Democrats and anti-conservative Republicans–all having fully committed to their anti-freedom anti-justice and anti-life machinations–appointed a mulatto liar to dilute political disillusion about previous pernicious plots; pretended that their mulatto liar was black change; and then shamed any outlier who dared—whether by calling the mulatto liar a “liar,” or by mentioning that the mulatto was a mulatto, or by any of many other outlawed forms of wrong-thought—to mention the simperor’s nakedness; this targeted reality-shaming solidified the beginnings of a general campaigning to shame shaming into oblivion—establishing thought as a form of violence, thus relegating thought, like all other forms of violence, to the sole purview of the interested State.

At the same time, the uniparty pledged to save and stave in and off their slaves: clarifying the nature of wrong-choice (i.e. the wrong-choice of nature) by raising the age-of-consent to 300-years-old (a law that was first laughed at, then whispered against, then whispered about, then understood, as common sense, to be objective morality), so that all sexually active deplorables and undesirables were, by their permanently inopportune sexuality, criminal wards of the all-seeing, all-knowing, all-deciding State.

Thereafter, the State, in its majestic meritocracy, deigned to frame modern gladiator-games wherein sexual deviants–i.e. parents–could beg for various privileges and leniences, which government would dole to those criminally sociopathic breeders who competed most effectively by working most tirelessly in support, blind and zealous, of whatever imperial escapade was the order of the day–escapades whose blood, for decades, had been pumped complimentarily from whichever satellite slave-colony had most ripened by training of docile, desperate, merciless mercenaries.

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