Toxic Pseudo-Masculinity Syndrome (SFTU 2285)

Toxic Pseudo-Masculinity Syndrome is a living-death of countless women.

A woman or girl whose sense-of-self is destroyed may become self-hating ontologically: hating who she is. Destroyed further, she may develop sociological self-hating, for example in the form of ‘penis-envy’, where she hates her natural role as a female human. And if the woman or girl is abused harshly enough and consistently enough — then she may develop Toxic Pseudo-Masculinity Syndrome (TPMS).

Toxic Pseudo-Masculinity Syndrome occurs when a woman or girl is let to pretend, 1) that she is a boy or man, and 2) that to be a boy or man means to be destructive to others and to herself, and 3) that social consequences, and even natural cause-and-effect, do not apply to her (i.e. female-privilege).

Self-hatred will only poison a woman or girl to a certain extent. Penis-envy will only poison her so much further. Yet there is no limit to how poisoned she will become, when she succumbs to Toxic Pseudo-Masculinity Syndrome. A woman or girl with Toxic Pseudo-Masculinity Syndrome can easily rationalize child-murder, woman-rape, and even false rape-accusations against men.

Toxic Pseudo-Masculinity Syndrome can lead to child-murder.

Even in times of severe famine, as during the turn of the 20th century in China, it is rare for a starving mother to kill and eat her own children: instead, she will far sooner seek-out the children of others to victimize, while viciously protecting her own children from cannibals — even at times protecting her children from their own father, if he has developed too little of a natural affinity for his children.

To kill one’s own child is as antithetical to natural femininity as anything can be: no normal, healthy, happy, heterosexual woman or girl would ever murder her own child. Nevertheless, every year, millions of women around the world murder their child (born or unborn), as a result of being tortured into developing Toxic Pseudo-Masculinity Syndrome.

Toxic Pseudo-Masculinity Syndrome can lead to woman-rape.

To understand the corruption of Toxic Pseudo-Masculinity Syndrome, one need only consider all the homosexual women who choose to rape women: normal women and girls (which is to say heterosexual women and girls) would never choose to rape a woman; even most abnormal women who choose to indulge in homosexuality will still never choose to rape women. But Toxic Pseudo-Masculinity Syndrome is so dangerous a condition that it can cause women to rape women.

In the worst case, Toxic Pseudo-Masculinity Syndrome can lead to false rape-accusations against men.

Many women with Toxic Pseudo-Masculinity Syndrome, who rape women, would prefer to rape men, but women are generally too weak to rape men, and any man she can rape is usually too weak of a man to give her the satisfaction that she seeks to gain from a rape: to her, if he is weak enough to be raped, then he is paradoxically unworthy of being raped, so instead she falsely accuses men of rape — utilizing her female-privilege of immediate social-concern, begging the wider culture to socially rape him for her.

In the end, many women and girls who develop Toxic Pseudo-Masculinity Syndrome never become woman-rapists, child-murderers, or, in the worst cases, accusers of false-rape against men; yet when she develops TPMS, her life will consist of countless evil decisions that destroy herself and everything around her. Still, since normal women and girls have nearly no capacity for strategic warfare, the damage caused by a woman or girl with Toxic Pseudo-Masculinity Syndrome will be limited and localized. On the other hand, if she becomes the puppet for an industrialist (with his capacity to weaponize credulous, poisonous women and girls) then the danger from her Toxic Pseudo-Masculinity Syndrome exponentializes. Because of her utility as a poisonous and poisoning pawn, a woman or girl who has developed Toxic Pseudo-Masculinity Syndrome, will likely never heal: coasting down, in misery, to an early death.

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