Disposable japs and USA’s morality-gap

“OMG! A racist white girl said something! Quick call da Al Sharpton!”
-The more than fifteen thousand Japanese people who died in an Earthquake and Tsunami that was likely caused by the white racism–and so the media rightly focus on the cause (white racism, as always) and not the effect (thousands of dead Japanese).
…not that it was the first time that USA’s petty, deceitful indulgences overshadowed mass-death in Japan.
“Hitler hates Jews, and blacks, and homosexuals! Quick! We have to stop him!”
-The winner’s account of the history of heroic mercenaries of the United States military (and their Stalinist allies), who used a countless (literally uncounted) amount of weapons of mass destruction against civilians and civilian infrastructure — in Germany and Japan.
…in case you actually thought that it’s really “Zionist hegemony” which sustains all the manic myths about Hitler.

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