Jazmine Barnes “hate crime” fiasco: Politically retarded black pets acting on their “implicit bias”

A century ago, an ivy-league sociopath tortured an infant into fearing bunnies and the color white.

Presently, white social engineers continue to mix political ebonics and moral ebola in order to capitalize on having socially and economically tortured their black political pets into fearing, hating, scapegoating, torturing, and killing any whites to whom the black pets are given access.

The zeitgeist spiked recently, when a random white guy, who happened to be at the scene of typical black-on-black savagery, became just another white boogeyman to scare black pets into block-voting for the party of the KKK.

The scenery for the stale plot was a murdered 7-year-old named Jazmine Barnes.

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