Feminism is pure genius: Angelic pawn perfectly demonstrates the societal benefit of feminism

Angelic pawn perfectly conveys the goal of feminism

Ahead of two fugly, man-faced nothings: a poised, seemingly thoughtful, stunningly angelic feminist pawn proudly parades her inner ugliness — revealing herself as a socially-engineered siren primed to crash morally sleepy men against the shoreline of their libido’s indiscretion.

In USA’s modern death-cult, each and every feckless feminist foot-soldier has a kind of people upon whom they wish death. For murder slanger Margaret Sanger (the white devil cave beast who birthed the modern infanticide-movement), the death-worthy foes were “undesirables,” especially niggers; for Hillary Clinton (some ugly child-rape apologist trash), the death-worthy foes were first “super-predators” (i.e. niggers), then “deplorables.” In any case, for the modern death-cult, feminism has been an indispensable tool for murder and life-prevention.

Moreover, a little-known secret is that feminism provides an immensely powerful benefit to society, and its creation was pure Darwinian genius: feminism serves to bait, and to lure away into misandry and celibacy, hags who are too weak to be real women focused on sustaining, by good character, the appreciation of a man.

Feminism is simply a giant pink political-roach-motel, promising trashy political-retardettes all the murdered babies and “cis-gendered” man-tears they could ever want. And that is the beauty of feminism: women susceptible to such bait would make terrible wives, and even worse mothers.

Feminism is pure genius. Before feminism, worthless women were, as women, too docile and taciturn to demonstrate openly their shitty personalities and even shittier priorities. Eventually however, wise patriarchs created feminism, and in doing so created a sociological honeypot, which alerts manly men worth preserving to the threat of disguised bitches–masked by beauty–who are worth only abandonment and oblivion.

Feminism solved a significant social problem. After all, it takes nothing for a man to avoid a variously fat, fugly, self-worshiping, man-faced nothing; but it takes feminism–or an equivalent erudition–to expose a bitch in beauty’s clothes, and to thereby gradually prevent the procreation of such bitches by, at once, raising their self-esteem, while lowering their social-value.

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