Aging narcissist Ramani Durvasula matronsplains about what’s wrong with kids these days


Aging narcissist Ramani Durvasula flaps and squawks in the third person about her squandered life of man-hating, fem-anesthetized delusions 

“Narcissism is very much, in some ways, a disorder of vanity. Right? It’s a pattern that’s very much about superficiality, and ‘look at me’, grandiosity, and um, ‘tell me, um, tell me I am great,’ and seeking validation–right?,” chattered aging narcissist Ramani Durvasula, ironically begging for vain validation at the very same time that she was hypocritically criticizing other vain narcissists. And all the while, the permanent toddler flailed her hands and plucked at her dress and glasses throughout, as is the habit of perennial, perineal adolescents who lack exposure to the civilizing effect of a worthwhile male role-model.

The sagging, sighing carcass then went on to declare narcissistically that, “We live in a very ageist society–we tend to treat older people badly,” before offering what was transparently her own pet-peeve grab-bag of mutually exclusive anti-privileges which daily, harshly remind her that she is much closer to (1) an old-age death, than (2) being taken serious by anyone other than ignorant, desperate, passive-aggressive narcissists seeking quick-fix pop-psychobabble to soothe their vanity and fear of death.

“We assume that [older people] are less attractive, that they lack sexual prowess—they literally become invisible.” Thus, the wizened wizard whined of the old people, whom we don’t see, that we somehow nonetheless consider less attractive, and about whose sexual prowess we have an opinion. Obviously, attention-addict Durvasula was just trying to vent about her own sexual dissatisfaction in a way that would cause as few viewers as possible to throw up in their mouth at the mental picture of naked and begging for the same sexual attention that she got when she was younger and less ugly.

The carping harpy, a proudly “solo mom,” then threatened: “To be narcissistic, and to be older, is nothing short of a nightmare for me. So if you thought I was boring, self-righteous, tedious, delusional, and unattractive when I was younger–hold on to your hat, as we said back in my day.”

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