Self-worshiping hypocrite frauds of rap, part 1: Mysonne (freestyle on flex)

Original Ebonics: Mysonne

(1) Welcome to New York City, the Empire State, where the entire state is trying acquire cake. You either buying or you supplying weight, where the unarmed blacks get shot down by the Jakes.

(2) It’s time to educate and separate heavy from the featherweights, underdog winners from losers you niggas celebrate: couple gram movers from dudes that’s really selling weight; ones who get told what to do from ones who delegate.

(3) Now, I’ma set this straight, there’s levels to this shit, and I’m a five-star general, I got medals for this shit.

(4) You see, I was in the field when the game was about principles, and gangsters didn’t take no pictures or do interviews.

(5) This shit is new, everybody wasn’t selling yay. You couldn’t put work on the block with no resume. You couldn’t just walk outside and just hustle. You had to be about that life or you paid the muscle.

(6) See, in the jungle the soft got extorted. Crimes amongst gangsters never got reported. Nowadays gangsters do crimes, and they record it. The game is fucked up because the lines done got distorted.

(7) It all started when the snitches got glorified, when they ain’t kill Alpo after Rich Porter died. They even made a movie about Frank Lucas. I was mortified. Y’all niggas rode that wave, like a water ride.

(8) See, y’all decided that this fake shit was real, when snitches came home and y’all embracing them still. Ratting on a G in the same place‭ a nigga‭ ‬chill‭, after he violated the codes that should’ve got him killed?

(9) That’s when I said chill. Y’all can keep the game. There’s no more rules. The players just ain’t the same. Price is too high. They stepping all on the caine. Everybody playing. Nobody don’t know their lanes.

(10) It’s a shame, the centers running point. The so-called killers is telling—they run and point. Niggas getting A1 felonies for one point. They doing life, and they ain’t even selling the whole joint.

(11) So, what’s the point? We dying in vain. Nigga, we dying, we just hiding the pain. Daddy told me one thing that stuck inside of my brain: “Doing the same thing and expect something different—you insane.”

(12) Shh, not me, I’m a genius. Flex, this is déjà vu: I done seen this. Yep, I was right here, homi’ing this shit. I had you looking like you smelled a dead body in this bitch.

(13) Let them try me, and I switch from Malcolm X to Red again: a man down, everybody dead again. Each and every rapper you name, I am better than. To these codeine dope-fiends niggas, I’m the medicine.

(14) A veteran with adrenaline of a rookie. My niggas done made empires off a cookie. When we was learning morals, they was playing hooky. Now I’m doing my numbers, like a bookie.

(15) Look me in my eye. The average cat would turn away. Straight up G: no curving in my vertebrae. Every block, corner, curb, niggas done heard of me. I’m exposing them now, they gonna wanna murder me.

(16) I had to do it: this shit was really concerning me: these niggas up here spitting, committing perjury. Chicks taking trips to DR—they getting surgery, forgetting I done already hit ma, how you curving me?

(17) Flex, this shit is life. I burn down mics, and I fight for civil rights. I’m trying to get blacks the same shit they give to whites. I used to kill niggas, now I give them life. Now I give them light, just to help them through that darkness.

(18) I motivate, and I give hope to the heartless. My verse on that Million Man March was‭ just to let my brothers know we can evolve from the projects. I know it’s hard to‭ ‬digest, but they feeding you pork. You see, the image they project—it don’t be what you thought. I don’t blame them no more, it be what they taught.

(19) But ain‭’‬t a nigga more thorough than me in New York. See, I can get a nigga snow. I can get it for the low. I can get it by the pound. I can get it by the O. I can get you pieces, that’s hitting, that’s for sure. But before I get you anything, I’ma let you know: this shit is all a set-up: they let you get your bread up.

(20) Next thing you know, you‭ in State greens getting the send-up. Your man on the phone, telling you keep your head up. When your girl got her mouth on his dick, giving ya head up. Or you‭’‬re getting wet up by a so-called‭ opp. Now he‭’‬s really your bro,‭ ‬but that‭’‬s part of the plot.

(21) You see, you don’t understand: we was three-fifths of a man. So when‭ ‬they ended slavery they had another plan. They said, “We can’t end slavery—too many residuals,” so they don’t call you slaves no more: they call you criminals.

(22) Sending you to prison. You working for cheap labor. Don’t listen to these rappers—they just trying to see some paper. Real? These niggas couldn’t be faker. But when I tell you niggas is frauds, I’m a hater!?

(23) Look, Future said: “God blessing all the trap niggas.” I got a question for that: “Where you at, nigga?” Trappers that I know getting arrested because of rats, nigga. Sentenced to life and they ain’t never coming back, nigga.

(24) These rap niggas telling you lies. They ain’t never seen a gram, but they selling you pies. They ain’t real. You can tell by they eyes. They ain’t telling their stories—they telling you mine.

(25) I was really in the streets, moving work on the nightshift. The roaches used to scatter when I hit that light switch. Yeah, Jeezy, I know that life. Moving snow to put food on the stove at night. I was married to the game. I had to throw that rice. Raekwon said: “You a legend – you know that, right?”

(26) Y’all don’t wanna hear that. They wanna hear that lingo. Soldiers going to war, letting that thing go, trappers stacking them chips up like bingo. Kingpins in Sing Sing, but they ain‭’‬t sing though, because they know I’m a one to one.

(27) I was a savage before I was 21. Had my first gun at‭ ‬16,‭ ‬putting in work. Wordz told me how to hold that little Uzi vert‭’. I mean, horizontally‭, ‬I was a horror honestly: had too much heart, these niggas wasn’t as smart as me. Then I got seven up north for armed robbery.

(28) And realized the so-called gangster niggas lied to me. They threw a battery in my back: they was charging me. I’m catching charges, lawyers is overcharging me. Bozo CO niggas in charge of me. I’m nice with my hands so the bigger niggas was charging me.

(29) Pardon me, the preachers couldn’t save us. The teachers didn’t teach us. The streets had to raise us. I‭’‬m from High Bridge, down‭ ‬the‭ ‬block from Larry Davis‭.

(30) We was all sick of being broke. It was contagious, but then I left the game because I realized it’s way deeper. You still say my name and you get it for way cheaper. These chicks giving their box away for a pair of sneakers. So if you got a girl like Tasha you better keep her.

(31) These niggas,‭ ‬they doing the most‭. They telling on themselves for likes on the post. Niggas want the power just to brag and to boast. You see, there’s way too many Tommy’s, not enough Ghosts.

(32) But then again, Ghost was a rat. I live by the code, so I ain’t co-signing that. The moral of the story is stop chasing the glory. My younging is‭ ‬16‭ ‬on the Island, facing ‬40.

(33) To the real G’s, it‭’‬s time to raise these shorties. To the kids that I misled,‭ ‬I‭ ‬just‭ ‬wanna say that‭ ‬I‭’‬m sorry. To the real G’s,‭ ‬it‭’‬s time to save these shorties. To the kids that I misled, I just wanna say that I‭’‬m sorry.

English Translation: Russ

(1) I am proud of the cesspool where I was raised — where everyone I know buys or sells drugs to chase after money, with no regard for the consequences they inflict on themselves or others. And cops shoot blacks for no reason.

(2) It’s time to clarify who matters: people who sell only a small amount of the drugs that destroy lives are nearly as important as those who sell a lot of the drugs; people who follow orders are losers; people who give orders are winners.

(3) I am dominant, because I have sold lots of drugs.

(4) In my day, violent drug-dealers were principled.

(5) In my day, the distribution of cocaine was highly regulated by violent people. Therefore, I am impressive, because I was among the people dominant enough to sell cocaine at that time.

(6) In my day, we preyed on weak people, and extorted from them; but that golden-age has been destroyed by unprincipled people.

(7) A key downturn in our previous utopia was when noble, violent drug-dealers failed to murder Alberto ‘Alpo’ Martinez for cooperating with law enforcement that was aimed at curtailed our human-right to terrorize neighborhoods with gang violence and the proliferation of drugs.

(8) The rule of law is “fake shit.” The law of the jungle is “real shit.” People who cooperate with law enforcement should be murdered.

(9) After no one murdered Martinez, I was so frustrated that I gave up: No one was following the rules that successive generations of violent extortionists had nobly set out to terrorize generations up to that point.

(10) Some people who claim to be impressively murderous drug-dealers are really just despicable liars who cooperate with law enforcement–betraying the noble, heroic, violent drug-dealers who extort from the weaker people around them. Black people are unfairly jailed.

(11) We are dying in vain. We are just hiding pain. If you think about it, we are actually victims. And my dad told me something cute before I started destroying lives around me through violence and drug distribution.

(12) I’m a genius. I anticipated impressing the person who has provided me with a platform to brag about my degeneracy.

(13) If people do not placate my fragile ego, then I will murder them. I am better than the popular rappers.

(14) I have the experience of an old person, but have maintained the vigor of a young person. People with whom I associate are resourceful. Our opponents in territorial disputes for extortion and drug distribution failed to learned the principle by which me and my friend operate when we ruin neighborhood through our terrorism. I earn a lot of money now.

(15) I am intimidating and authentic. Everyone knows me. I am so popular that jealous people want to kill me.

(16) I was compelled to brag about my violence and degeneracy, because others brag dishonestly about violence and degeneracy. Women undergo cosmetic surgery to enhance the amount of money they can earn through their sexuality. I am sexually dominant, but sometimes women hypocritically pretend that I am not.

(17) I am good at bragging about myself. I fight for civil rights. My goal is to cause violent, degenerate blacks to receive the same social rewards as goofy whites who are not dominant enough to do whatever they want. I used to kill niggers. Now, I am the hero of niggers.

(18) I am impressive. A short time after battle-rapping about murdering women and children, I attended the “Million Man March,” and pretended to be other than a sociopath. White people do not really provide for us as well as they should.

(19) I am dominant. I can sell niggers cocaine. I am dominant and respected, so I can buy cocaine for a low price. I can buy cocaine in any quantity that I prefer. But before I sell cocaine to niggers, I will warn them: despite what they promise, white people don’t really intend to let us niggers become wealthy and dominant by selling cocaine. Rather, they are hypocrites who intend to trap us for destroying the health and safety of the children around us!

(20) After evil white police send us to jail for no reason, the women who are our personal property will betray us. Or else we will be attacked by our black teammates who have been brainwashed by evil whites into forgetting that all dominant, violent blacks should join forces to sell drugs and extort from weaker people.

(21) A century ago, the tiny fraction of whites oligarchs who controlled the government enacted racist policies. Therefore, it is now racist to punish black criminals.

(22) White society fails to coddle black criminals sufficiently. Rappers are greedy. These niggers are fake. When I point this out, I am chastised by their fans.

(23) A degenerate black person bragged. I disagree with him. Bad black people betray good violent black hypocrites, by cooperating with law enforcement.

(24) Rapping niggers lie. They brag claims about distributing the drugs that destroy communities. However, in fact, they have co-opted my story of degeneracy, hoping to impress people.

(25) I sold drugs. I was dominant. I sold cocaine to buy food. I sold cocaine. A popular rapper said I was a legend.

(26) Many people, blinded by their jealousy of my accomplishments, do not want to hear me brag about the compliments that other people have paid to me.

(27) I have always been violent and dominant. I committed crimes at a young age, and I was incarcerated.

(28) Eventually, I came to understand that the older people who were encouraging my noble degeneracy–they were only using me to avoid losing their own freedom in the event that a crime unraveled. White lawyers were not fair to me, after I committed violent crimes with deadly weapons. Correctional Officers are not truly dominant; nevertheless, while I was incarcerated, they were able to order me around. I hated that, because I am dominant. I am a good fighter, so large men fight me in a particularly aggressive way, in order to survive against my impressive fighting ability.

(29) The people with whom I grew up rejected the advice of preachers, teachers, and everyone else who spent their time and energy to help us make good choices in life. Instead, consumed with vanity and greed, we decided to worship money and attention. I live near someone popular.

(30) As children, me and my friends were greedy. I will kill people who disrespect me. Women do not charge enough money when they rent out their vagina. If you have a loyal woman like “Tasha” (a character from a popular soap opera called “Power” that feminine black men enjoy watching), then they you should not cheat on her.

(31) Niggers brag in a foolish way. In this respect, niggers are too much like the unrespectable character in the soap opera “Power,” and not enough like the respectable character in the soap opera.

(32) However, even that better character in the soap opera was disloyal to the sociopaths who deserved his loyalty. I am respectable. The moral of the story is stop chasing the glory. I know a young black criminal who is in jail, because white people are racist.

(33) We should respect women. I apologize that it took me so long to become the hero that I now am. We should respect women. I apologize that it took me so long to become the hero that I now am.

Written: Mysonne (Feb. 24, 2017)

Translated: Russ Lindquist (Dec. 27, 2018)

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