Preservation of the natural rhythm between and among the two genders: Morality as the deeper mythology of rabid, misogynistic, misandrist, misanthropic gender-equality

To hear the platitudes of the most credulous puppets of patriarchal social-engineers who promote feminism as a way to disenfranchise normal women by disenfranchising potential suitors, rendering women “strong, independent,” pitiful, miserable wretches: women are at least equal at all “good” things—and are all but incapable of any “bad” things.

Thus, in the manic minds of such puppets, women’s competencies depend entirely on the arbitrary distinction between “good” and “bad” of a given political moment. For example, when “war is bad,” then “if women were in charge there would be no war;” and when “war is good,” then “women were among the fiercest warriors,” and “the only reason women were not more involved with war is because—male privilege.”

Of course, all this silliness is, in the end, simply death-aimed social-engineering by an insane, anti-reality death-cult; and the silliness never amounts to more than political-porn to entice stupid women and men into focusing on falsity and fantasy, in order to distract them from—again—the disenfranchisement of normal women by the disenfranchisement of potential suitors—rendering countless women as “strong, independent,” pitiful, and miserable; while rendering countless men as disposable heroes and torture-worthy anti-heroes.

This is obvious—so obvious that the hottest accessory among these cowards and thieves has conveniently and politically become perpetual mental-blinders, to castrate attention-spans, and to prevent the sedition of noticing reality.

Yet less obvious than the fact that all but the weakest men are stronger than all but the strongest women—is that, by every available standard, men are also more moral than women; not that men want to be more moral (despite what dickless MGTOW pretend); rather men are simply more often, more fully, and more forcefully tortured into whatever constitutes “morality” in the given political moment; while women are let, encouraged, and mandated to be pretended moral oases—supposedly only masked as sadistic moral-retards, who just need more privilege and placation.

Moreover, sometimes such women seem to operate from morality, and not from the cutthroat utilitarianism of seeking the privilege to beg superior men to mandate her protection by and from inferior men. This is always fake—lasting never an instant longer than such sadistic Shes deem necessary.

Meanwhile, in the real world—outside of Plato’s tome and tomb—women are at their best when they are genuinely protected; men are at their best when they are genuinely protecting; and society is at its best when would-be tyrants are constrained—to preserve natural liberty, by the preservation of the natural rhythm between and among the two genders.

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